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New JCB skid-steer loaders available in Australia

JCB Construction Equipment Australia has announced the Australian availability of its new generation of skid-steer and compact tracked loaders, equipped with Tier 4 Final-compliant engines aimed at reducing emissions and eliminating the need for bulky diesel particulate filters (DPF) or exhaust fluid.

“No DPF reduces servicing requirements, increases up-time and, because no regeneration is needed, it increases fuel efficiency by up to 16 per cent,” says JCB CEA national product manager Glenn McLeod.

The new models are available in both small and large platforms. The small-platform models range from the 613kg-rated JCB 135 to the 930kg-rated JCB 205, while the larger models range from the JCB 225 with a rated operating capacity of 1,021kg up to the 1,495kg JCB 330.

The large-platform models feature a 55kW JCB EcoMAX engine with a combustion system designed to produce low emissions and decrease fuel consumption. JCB says the engine will yield maximum power over the full RPM range from 1,200rpm.

The smaller models are powered by water-cooled JCB Diesel by Kohler direct-injection engines. The JCB 135 features a 36kW, three-cylinder model. The JCB 155 and JCB 175 contain 42kW, three-cylinder models while the JCB 190 and JCB 205 are each running on a four-cylinder 46kW engine. All engines produce significantly more torque than previous models, according to JCB.

The engines are fitted with an auto-idle system designed to idle the engine down after five seconds of inactivity from the controls and will immediately return to the previous RPM setting after touching the controls again. The auto-idle system can be turned on and off.

All models feature an air-flow cooling system that forces hot air from the engine compartment out through side vents.

“This system will direct hot air away from the operator, cooling the machine more efficiently and keeping engine components clean. This will increase the air filter life” McLeod said.

New features include self-venting and pressure-releasing auxiliary hydraulic couplers, removing the need for the operator to release pressure through the auxiliary proportional control on the joystick.

Electrohydraulic controls allow the operator to set the response mode to soft, intermediate or quick to suit their individual preference. The single boom design typical of JCB skid steer loaders is again present, giving the operator a 270 degree view from inside the cab.

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