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New Kobelco mini-excavators reduce fuel use and noise

Kobelco has launched a new range of mini-excavators which it says set new industry benchmarks for fuel economy and noise reduction while maintaining power levels.

The Japanese manufacturer says the new SK28SR-6, SK30SR-6, SK35SR-6 and SK45SRX-6 models, which will replace the current series-5 in Australia this month, were developed with operators in mind.

“We listened to customer feedback to understand what impacts on their time and resources and we have worked towards building new models that will help them achieve better productivity without compromising safety, Kobelco General Manager of Sales and Service Doug McQuinn says.

“Our focus with these new models is to increase the digging power and the number of performance features while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and safety. These new models ensure that operators can still get the performance they need while keeping their costs down.”

A key feature of Kobelco’s new range of mini excavators is the new Energy Conservation Mode (S Mode), which allows the machine to use 23 percent less fuel than its predecessors.

While you might expect a drop in power to go hand-in-hand with fuel economy, McQuinn says this is not the case here. When the machine starts to dig, an Integrated-Flow pump system gives extra output from the third pump to the arm and boom circuits. This, he says, ensures fast and smooth arm and boom raising operation even under heavy loads.

Another advantage of the new Kobelco mini-excavators is low noise levels, McQuinn says: “One of the main forces behind any excavator is its engine, which needs to be protected and allowed to operate to its potential while managing noise.

“In these new models we’ve included new engine-protecting features which includes Kobelco’s proprietary iNDr Cooling System. This system creates an airtight engine compartment ensuring quiet operation, protection from dust, and easy maintenance.”

Other features of the new range include: factory-fitted quick hitch piping allowing faster preparation and delivery; colour monitors for quick and easy operation; canopy or cab configuration options; and the relocation of the air conditioner condenser to improve operator visibility.


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