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New Lamtrac LTR 6160T set for Aussie debut

A self-propelled mulcher built for the Canadian wilderness is being brought to Australia by Colbrook Industries, complete with a new cooling system for the local market

The Lamtrac LTR 6160T

August will herald a new era for the team at Colbrook Industries, which is set to add a new machine to its product line-up for the first time.

The imminent arrival of the first units of the Lamtrac LTR 6160T will also be the first time products from the Canadian forestry marque will be distributed in Australia and New Zealand.

A unique machine, the LTR 6160T is positioned somewhere between a large compact track loader and a dedicated mulcher.

The difference is, while some bigger CTL models max out at around 130 horsepower (97kW), the Lamtrac boasts 155hp (116kW) – meaning operators can benefit from more hydraulic power in their mulching applications.

Colbrook Industries business development manager Hayley Plageman says the new unit will complement the existing range of forestry and mulching attachments already on offer in its catalogue.

“The Lamtrac is not really like any other compact track loader,” she says.

“This machine has 155hp, so it’s right up there, well above the power of any other compact track loader on the market.”

“It has 16 per cent more power and 11 per cent more torque than other Tier 4 alternative engines on the market. So there really is nothing available here that will compare to it.

“It’s very nimble but very powerful.”

The LTR 6160T is Lamtrac’s third generation dedicated mulcher and was designed to meet the manufacturer’s need for a Tier 4 machine.

The Canadian company, based in Tracadie, New Brunswick, began life as a vegetation management business that built machines to groom trails for snowmobiles in the country’s ski fields.

Eventually, Lamtrac diverged into the mulching industry and developed two dedicated mulching machines – the 6140 and the 6170.

Operators enter the machine via side entry doors

But while the Canadian snowfields couldn’t be any further from the harsh, dry environments of Australia’s mulching sector, Plageman says the Lamtrac is bound to thrive.

Prior to its release in the Canadian and US markets, the LTR 6160T underwent rigorous testing where it was put through heavy all-day mulching operations.

To cope with extreme heat, the Lamtrac has been fitted withan improved cooling system with a three-tier radiator capable of withstanding ambient temperatures up to 50°C.

“The machine can mulch all day and it just doesn’t get warm,” Plageman says.

“It continues to perform, which is a problem for a lot of other compact track loaders, which may be prone to overheating.

“The cooling systems were never engineered to operate in those hot environments where the demand of the hydraulics is high.”

Unlike other conventional compact track loaders, the LTR 6160T has just one single lift arm, positioned on the right side of the cabin.

The unique design results in a much smoother experience for operators, who will not be required to climb over the bucket or mulcher to enter the cab.

Instead, operators can enter via the large side doors for easier and safer access to the machine.

“There’s no more climbing over your mulching heads or other attachments to get into the machine,” Plageman explains.

The updated single arm, with its full height operation, is more manoeuvrable and helps operators be more selective in their vegetation management.

The cab, equipped with larger windows to help boost visibility, is also mechanically pressurised to eliminate dust infiltration.

When the new Lamtrac model was unveiled, the manufacturer pointed towards one update in particular that it described as ‘the most exciting’ – the new Torflex style suspension.

With the new Torflex style suspension undercarriage, power is transferred from the high torque gearbox to the ground, offering more machine stability and manoeuvrability than the first and second generation Lamtrac machines.

The Lamtrac LTR 6160T is designed to work in heats up to 50C

The revised track frame makes the operator experience more comfortable and means the LTR 6160T can confidently traverse through difficult ground conditions.

Plageman says the Torflex style suspension system will help operators work better, for longer.

“It’s a brand-new undercarriage, a more stable, flexible system. They have widened the idler wheels, updated the gear hub and drive sprocket, and added a dual torsion suspension system,” she says.

“It’s a lot more stable on the ground and it drives much better, so operators are comfortable to work longer hours in the machine.”

Other standout features include a max hydraulic pressure of 6,000psi, flow ratings dialable from zero to 166.5L/min, and a falling object protection system (FOPS) which exceeds the level two required for forestry equipment.

At the heart of the machine is a Cummins B4.5 diesel engine that is responsible for the 155hp. The engine requires no breather maintenance and offers advanced fuel economy and a reduction in sound. Although the Lamtrac was designed and set up for mulching applications, it does have the versatility of attaching a bucket or forks, or any other Skid Steer / Compact Track Loader attachments using the quick attach plate.

“Because you have the versatility of the full function arm, unlike the bigger machines, you can still use it for other applications.”

Along with the new Lamtrac machine, Colbrook Industries also carries its line of Diamond Mower mulching attachments, which can be fitted onto the LTR 6160T.

“The Lamtrac will run any of our mulching gear and we’d be happy to work out a package deal with one or more attachments. We have the reliable and productive Diamond Mowers Disc and Drum mulchers, the Brush cutter Pro X (previously known as the rotary mower) and stump grinders,” she says.

Colbrook Industries is the sole distributor for Lamtrac machines in Australia and New Zealand. For more information visit 

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