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New Look Civil has a go with Hidromek

New Look Civil owner John Field discusses his experience of growing a new business, with Hidromek

John Field (left), owner of New Look Civil, says Onetrak has been providing excellent support to his business

“I’ve been in the industry for over 13 years and first started in a panel beating apprenticeship but realised that wasn’t for me,” says Field of how he got into the civil construction industry.

“I then worked as a labourer and worked my way up to foreman for a few major projects. After a while I decided I was sick of making everyone else money and went out on my own.”

Field set up New Look Civil in Balwyn North, Melbourne, about two and a half years ago.

“I started off on my own as a sole trader, just hot seating between different machines. My different roles have given me a fair few contacts, which have been very valuable, and New Look Civil grew fairly quickly from the start. I worked on my own for about six months and then hired a few guys and we now have 10 staff.”

Field’s first machine was a three tonne excavator and he now has nine pieces of equipment including excavators, post tracks and rollers.

“We have naturally progressed into work such as drainage and bulk excavations and therefore our work now requires more of the bigger type of equipment, so we mostly run the 20-, 40- and 50-tonne excavators.”

Fleet expansion

Currently running on site are two Hidromek HMK 370 LC excavators with hammers, a HMK 220 LC medium-sized excavator and a larger HMK 490 LC crawler excavator.

“I’ve never been a brand person – I want the best suited machine for the job,” says Field.

“A friend of mine bought a Hidromek, so I went and tried it out and then decided to give it a go.

“My favourite Hidromek model would have to be the HMK 370 LC. It’s smooth, it’s quick, it’s powerful. It’s just an all-round fantastic machine.

“The Hidromeks caught my eye because Turkey, where Hidromek is manufactured, is predominantly rock-based, so you would figure a machine that is built for those conditions would be suitable machines for the work we do.

“I think the more people try them the more Hidromeks will be seen around Australia. People who give them a try see what a great machine they are. They are on par if not better than other more known brands.

“Their point of difference is they’re close to unbeatable. They just keep going and the fuel efficiency is fantastic. Where I had to refuel every day with a previous machine, I now only have to refuel every second day doing the same task.”

On site are two Hidromek HMK 370 LC excavators with hammers, a HMK 220 LC medium-sized excavator and a larger HMK 490 LC crawler excavator

New addition

The Hidromek H4 Series was released in Australia earlier this year.

“Hidromek have really stepped it up with the new H4-series. The power is the same but they’re more comfortable and more modern with all the new features. They’ve gone from a Holden Commodore to a Rolls Royce in terms of refinement.”

Field first started renting Hidromeks through Onetrak Rental.

“Onetrak has been great – there hasn’t been a time that I have called Onetrak and haven’t had the support I needed. They’re always very quick to get out to site if we have a problem – which has only ever been minor.”

Onetrak is offering rent-to-buy across its range of machinery, which is something New Look Civil has opted for.

“Rent-to-buy has been great for New Look Civil because, as a new company, we haven’t been able to get the finance for all the machines we have needed to complete the jobs we have had,” says Field.

“The payment plans are great. Onetrak has provided a really good rate and they’ve just been really supportive. They’ve kept our projects moving, which has kept us profitable.

“Our fleet now consists of three Hidromeks. We’re looking to expand again and we will be going with Hidromek in the future. They have not let us down and they just continue to amaze me on a daily basis.”

Regarding what advice Field would give to someone who is keen to start their own business, he says:

“Honestly just go out there and give it a go. If you lose and don’t succeed – try again. It’s all a lesson. It’s never a failure. Don’t be afraid to give something a go.”

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The HMK 370 LC is a New Look Civil favourite – fuel efficiency has been a stand-out
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