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New parts ordering process for myKomatsu

Updates to myKomatsu online ordering portal to streamline maintenance process for Komatsu customers

Pre-populated bill of material lists on Komatsu’s online portal myKomatsu have been introduced to help make the ordering of scheduled service parts easier.

The lists will ensure orders contain all the relevant parts and consumables required for regular servicing according to the service meter reading (SMR) hours.

The new feature was added to the myKomatsu online parts portal in response to customer feedback.

It works by automatically generating a pre-populated list of scheduled service parts – matched by serial number to the customer’s actual machine – which contains the full range of parts required for the next SMR service interval.

Komatsu says that it is essential that customers follow the regular servicing requirements specified for Komatsu’s SMR hours to ensure equipment remains productive and reliable.

Komatsu general manager – aftermarket David Small says the new offering will make the process more efficient while also adhering to Komatsu’s national service standards.

“Komatsu’s National Service Standards specify which parts are required for each SMR service interval; these standards have been developed to build on and expand Komatsu’s factory standards,” Small says.

“By using scheduled service parts based around the National Standard, customers are assured they are maintaining their machines using the right OEM parts – backed by full Komatsu warranty.

“Customers’ ability to order these scheduled service parts using pre-populated lists through myKomatsu greatly streamlines and speeds up the ordering process, so that the correct parts are supplied for the right machine every single time.

“This helps ensure that a machine’s productivity and uptime is maintained, with unscheduled downtime far less likely to occur.”

Customers can also search for scheduled service parts within myKomatsu based on the respective machine model or serial number. Premium online users can also search according to fleet records.

Once in the myKomatsu online parts portal, customers must enter their machine details. From there, they select the machine’s engine serial number range and then select the upcoming SMR service interval, between 250 and 6000 hours.

Then, the correct pre-populated parts list should be displayed from which they can then order.

“Customers can add extra items, or even delete some if they don’t wish to purchase. At all times, the flexibility in the ordering process is within the customer’s control,” Small says.

“Another great enhancement on myKomatsu is stock availability of parts. This includes stock within its local distribution centre and local branch.

“Service parts ordered through myKomatsu are shipped from our region-wide network of distribution centres and branches, directly to the nominated location for that machine, whether it’s the customer’s workshop, jobsite, or office.

Included in Komatsu’s national standard include:

  • Filters, including fuel, oil, hydraulic, air, coolant and brake fluid
  • Fluids, including coolant, oils and greases
  • KOWA oil sample kits
  • Hoses
  • Nuts, bolts, washers, seals and other small items.

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