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New powerhouse Mobilair M 350 compressor from Kaeser

Kaeser Compressors Australia has introduced the Mobilair M 350 portable compressor, which is designed to be the brand’s powerhouse by delivering free air of up to 34 cubic metres per minute (567 litres per second).

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Backing up its high performance is the unit’s versatility, fuel-efficiency and robust build quality, the Dandenong, Victoria-based company says.

“The powerful combination of an economical Mercedes Benz engine and an efficient Kaeser rotary screw compressor block with proven Sigma Profile rotors provides impressive compressed air delivery with minimal emissions and fuel consumption,” Kaeser says.

The company says that its in-house-developed Kaeser Sigma Profile achieves power savings of up to 15 percent compared with conventional screw compressor block rotor profiles. This is a feature of all its rotary screw compressor blocks.

“Additional innovations help boost savings even further,” Kaeser says. “For example, the viscous fan clutch controlled via our Sigma Control Mobile can cut fuel consumption by up to 5 percent.

“Simple to use, the innovative Sigma Control Mobile compressor control system precisely matches power to actual compressed air demand. This significantly enhances both compressed air availability and fuel efficiency.”

Options for the Kaeser Mobilair M 350 compressor include availability in four pressure stages between 8.6 bar (flow rate 34 m3/min) and 14 bar (flow rate 24 m3/min), a stationary version and specialised equipment for use in refineries.

“Air treatment components can be added to provide cool, dry, technically oil-free air of various classes to meet the special demands,” Kaeser says. “Despite these additional features and a 20 percent increase in compressed air delivery, the M 350 is barely heavier than its predecessor.”


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