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New Sunward 15-tonne excavator added to Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales line-up

A new 15-tonne excavator will join the Sunward range imported by the team at Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales

Queensland machinery dealer Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales is set to introduce a new 15- tonne excavator model to its existing line-up of Sunward machines.

BMES has been serving the mini excavator market for over 25 years and will expand its current offering with the larger model.

The 15-tonne Sunward machine is set to touch down in Australia in February 2023 and will be the largest of the Sunward machines offered by the team at BMES.

The Sunward SW35UF

Currently, the BMES Sunward line-up of mini and small-sized zero swing excavators includes five models ranging from 1.8 tonnes through to nine tonnes.

The two smaller models – the 1.8-tonne SWE18UF and 2.5-tonne SWE25UF – are both powered by Japanese-engineered Yanmar engines and hydraulics that produce 17.9hp (13.4kW) and 22hp (14.6kW) respectively.

The larger models in the BMES range, which include a 3.8 and six- tonne version, are powered by Kubota engines, while the larger nine- tonne model features a 63hp (47kW) Yanmar engine.

Dual auxiliary piping, which improves the hydraulic functionality of the machines, is available as an option from BMES on all Sunward models.

“The dual hydraulics enables operators to add a tilting hitch or a rotating rock grab to the machine,” Brisbane Mini Excavator sales manager Steve Ragenovich says.

“The machines come from the factory fully optioned with double auxiliary piping and certified burst valves.”

Ragenovich also says that the burst valves are featured on all models except one.

While the two small models are both open air excavators, which still boast a roll over protection system, the bigger models are all air-conditioned and feature an advanced LED touch display screen inside the cab to monitor machine performance.

All models purchased include three bucket options as standard, which vary in size depending on the excavator model.

The Sunward SWTL4538

And while the 15-tonne machine may be some months away from reaching Australian shores, BMES has also been busy at work introducing a new machine to its customer base.

The new SWTL4538 tracked skid steer is new to the BMES lineup, having only been added within the last few months.

The new track model complements the SWL2820 wheeled skid steer loader, which has been around for some time, but features select enhancements on the 2022 iteration.

Paramount on the new Sunward SWTL4538 is a factory certified, three- year, 3,000-hour full comprehensive warranty, which Ragenovich says is not offered on other brands of skid steers or machinery.

The 4.4-tonne machine is powered by a Kubota 75hp (56kW) engine and features a quality Rexroth-Bosch hydraulic system. The SWTL4538 has a rated load of 1.2 tonnes.

The machine comes standard with a heavy duty hydraulic four-in-one bucket.

Other features of the tracked skid steer include an air-conditioned cabin, adjustable high back suspension seat, standard quick coupler, LED lights and joystick control, as well as the high-flow system as standard.

“Really, they’re a quality machine for a good price. Plus, they’re getting a very good warranty as well,” Ragenovich says about the SWTL4538.

Across all Sunward machinery from Brisbane Mini Excavators, the wait time is anywhere between now and Christmas, with delivery times taking place within three to four months.

For more information, visit brisbaneminiexcavators.com.au

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