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Next-gen Mustang RT track loaders touch down in Australia

International heavy equipment brand Mustang’s new radial-lift track loaders, namely the 1750RT NXT2 and 2100RT NXT2, are now available in the country via local distributor Tutt Bryant Equipment.

According to the company, Mustang has redesigned the two new models to include several new features such as a new build with dedicated track loader frames.

The new build is said to allow for increased rated operating capacities, exceptional tractive effort and impressive hydraulic performance for better overall work output.

The new RT series track loaders come equipped with Interim Tier 4/Stage 3A engine emissions standard compliant Yanmar engines. The 2100RT NXT2 is capable of producing a maximum torque of 294 Nm and coupled with an efficient drive management system can efficiently transfer engine horsepower into effective performance.

Both models feature a large operator’s compartment with a cab-forward design for improved visibility. In the new models, the fronts of the armrests have been elevated approximately 8 degrees for greater clearance between the seat and lap bars to provide more room for the operator’s legs.

In addition, a standard mechanical or optional air-ride suspension seats further promotes operator comfort and the joystick and hand/foot control towers are fully adjustable for further customisation of the cab.

Servicing is also made easy for operators with the IdealTraxTM system. A switch in the rear of the machine relaxes the tension of the tracks, allowing removal in a matter of minutes with minimal tools. This allows track removal and track changes to be completed in the field.

The 1750RT NXT2 and 2100RT NXT2 come with high-powered auxiliary hydraulics for better attachment performance. Standard hydraulic flow is rated at 70L/min on the 1750RT NXT2 and 82.5L/min on the 2100RT NXT2.  High flow is 128.8L/min on the 1750RT NXT2 and 135.8L/min on the 2100RT NXT2.

Find out more about Mustang’s new loader range on Tutt Braynt Equipment’s website.

Look out for specifications coming soon. 

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