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NHVR launches National Network Map

NHVR has brought together heavy vehicle access information from across Australia into one interactive map

The NHVR has officially launched its new National Network Map, designed to improve heavy vehicle access efficiency and decision-making.

In a national first, the map brings together state-based maps and displays them in one, central location.

NHVR says the focus has been on including the correct road ownership information, providing more comprehensive and accurate data for road managers when making access decisions.

Map users have the ability to search and view available networks for more than 1,000 heavy vehicle configurations.

In early 2024, NHVR will be providing training on how to use the self-service tools to update heavy vehicle networks in the map. It says the self-service tools are easy to use and will allow users to update gazetted and pre-approved routes in a timely way.

The National Network Map is available on the NHVR website or through a NHVR Portal account.

For more information, a recorded webinar is available here, with further webinars planned in the New Year.


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