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Nimble Cormidi 85 site dumper arrives Down Under

The Cormidi 85 Dumper, a narrow-access machine that can manoeuvre through narrow spaces and navigate over uneven terrain while carrying 800kg loads, has been introduced to the Australian market by Makinex.

Manufactured in Italy, 835mm-wide Cormidi 85 has a higher speed and a skip capacity 15 percent greater than the previous model, allowing contractors to load and shift more material in a shorter time.

Makinex says the models in the Cormidi range of dumpers are fully hydrostatic and “feature a built-in suspension system in the tracks that allows travel over rocks, gutters, tree roots and virtually any other uneven surface at an angle of up to 20 degrees”.

“Starting at a 400kg load capacity and going up to 2,000kg, the dumpers can lift, shift, load, transport and store any materials from concrete blocks to brick, stone, dirt and gravel,” the distributor adds. “High tipping features available on some models enable the dumper to drop materials directly into utes and skip bins, making the task more efficient.”

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