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Norm Engineering develops dozer blade stick rake

A reversible attachment that gives your skid steer, mini loader or track loader a dozer blade and a stick rake in one has been designed by Norm Engineering.

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“The new stick rake is versatile and simple to use,” the Brisbane- and Melbourne-based company says. “By simply removing four locking pins and manoeuvring your vehicle you are able to replace the locking pins therefore changing this attachment from a dozer blade to a stick rake.”

The dozer blade comes with a reversible, bolt-on cutting edge for improved longevity, and is built using strong materials to allow it to be used in the harsh Australian environment.

Similarly, the stick rake tines are manufactured from 500-grade Bisalloy for extra strength and durability. 

The amounts of tines are determined by the width of the attachment.

The Dozer blade stick rake ranges in size from 1200mm to 3000mm, with the number of tines determined by the width chosen.

“This adaptable attachment can be used for clearing debris, small rocks and refuse,” Norm Engineering says, “which makes it an ideal attachment for councils, landscaping, construction, mining and agricultural industries.”


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