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NSW government announces $201.9M infrastructure investment

The NSW government says that the investment will support the building of 24,000 new regional homes

The NSW government and state councils will invest a further $201.9 million to fast-track infrastructure in growing regional communities, supporting the delivery of new homes from Tweed Heads to Wagga Wagga.

The funds will accelerate nine key projects, including wastewater and road upgrades.

Of the total investment made, $137.19 million has been allocated through the NSW government’s Accelerated Infrastructure Fund, with co-contributions of $64.7 million from five regional councils.

Funding has been allocated to the following projects:

  • Bathurst – Laffing Waters critical development infrastructure, supporting 2,270 new homes
  • Port Macquarie-Hastings – Kew Sewerage Treatment Plant upgrade and Beechwood Road/ Yippin Creek bridge upgrade, supporting 1,600 new homes
  • Shoalhaven – Culburra wastewater treatment plant upgrades, supporting 1,012 new homes
  • Tweed Shire – Tweed Coast Road upgrade and Depot Road sports fields, supporting 5,516 new homes
  • Wagga Wagga – Northern Growth Area sewer upgrades and Plumpton Road North and South Road upgrades, supporting 14,500 new homes.

“These areas are growing fast and this funding will mean people will have functioning and well-serviced new homes to live in,” NSW minister for planning and public spaces Paul Scully says.

“A new home is no good if you cannot flush the toilet or drive down the road to the park.

“Accelerated delivery of infrastructure like sewage treatment plants and adequate roads will allow more new homes to be approved sooner in these growing regional areas.

“Housing affordability and availability is the biggest single pressure facing the people of NSW, and that’s why we are focusing investment in these key infrastructure projects to clear the way for new and thriving communities to take shape.”

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