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Olympus Loaders add telehandlers to machinery lineup

Olympus Loaders is set to introduce a telehandler into its machinery line-up, with the first unit set to arrive in Australia soon.

The TH637 will be Olympus Loaders’ first telehandler offering in Australia

It’s the first time the Olympus Loaders telehandler will be sold in Australia, with the first unit of the new TH637 set to touch down imminently.

The TH637 represents the first time Olympus Loaders has dabbled in a dedicated telehandler machine and will be introduced to the Australian market following testing and its release in Europe over the past three years.

With a three-tonne lifting capacity and seven metre reach, the TH637 is a versatile machine and has the capabilities to lift 1.1 tonnes of material at full reach.

The machine is also four-wheel drive and features four-wheel steer capabilities.

Ahead of its introduction Down Under, Olympus Loaders general manager Simon Collins says the machine will complement the brand’s existing machinery line-up.

“I just felt we needed that dedicated machine with a seven-metre reach,” Collins says.

“It really compliments the whole range of Olympus products.

It’s running the same sort of components that our other machines are running, so it’s going to slip in nicely into our line-up.

It has a three-tonne lifting capacity and a seven metre reach

“All of the specs are the same as your usual machine with a three-tonne lifting capacity. It’s going to compete with all of those same three-tonne telehandlers.”

The telehandler is powered by a 120 horsepower (89kW) Cummins engine that has been retrofitted by Collins and the team and will contain the same componentry as found on the brand’s wheel loader range.

For example, the transmission in the TH637 is the same as found on the smaller Olympus Loader models.

Collins says running common componentry across the Olympus machinery line-up is easier for both the business and its customers, who can take advantage of the Australia-wide Cummins warranty.

“It’s not something different compared to what else Olympus sells. We know it inside and out, and already have all of the required spare parts for it,” he says.

Upon arriving in Australia, the telehandler units will be tested and modified to better cope with the more demanding conditions compared to Europe, he adds.

“We do a couple of little modifications on it here, which make it a bit more robust for the Australian conditions,” he says.

“We also put bigger cooling packs in the machines because Australia is hotter.”

The Olympus TH637 telehandler will be sold Australia-wide upon arrival.

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