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Olympus Loaders primed for big 2022

Demand for wheel loaders has been booming for Olympus Loaders and the opening quarter of 2022 is expected to be no different

The Olympus YX667 wheel loader

A busy end to the 2021 calendar year meant Olympus Loaders owner Simon Collins had to get proactive over the Christmas break.

With high demand, Collins ordered 26 new units of the company’s extensive wheel loader range from the China-based factory he uses, with the machines now in Australia and ready to sell.

Even more units have been ordered this year, Collins says, to start 2022 with a bang.

“The thing is, now, as soon as I advertise that we have stock, we start to get back orders again because everything gets snapped up,” he says.

“We’ve got 26 loaders in over the Christmas break, and we’ve now started pre-delivering them and try to get them out to our dealers around the country and we’re still struggling.

“I’ve just been hit with sales so it’s going crazy. Business has been very busy.”

Olympus Loaders are the only distributor of the machines, which bear the same name in Australia, selling a variety of loaders across the country.

With headquarters in Loganholme, Queensland, the business also boasts dealerships in Charmhaven (New South Wales), Ballarat (Victoria) and Millicent and Kadina (South Australia).

Offering a range of wheel and mini loaders for heavy construction and farming applications, Collins says the major drawcard for the Olympus brand is quality performance at an affordable price point.

“Probably just the price of them and the higher end quality of the build and the reliability of the products,” he says.

“Hands down, they’ve actually left everyone else for dead in the Chinese market.

“They’re just really focus on quality control over there. They want to have the best product for the cheapest price.”

Adapted for Australia

While almost all the manufacturing is completed in Weifang, in China’s Shandong providence, Collins and the team and Olympus make small modifications in Australia to ensure the loaders are primed to operate in the harsher environment Down Under.

Over the past 18 months, new lube systems for self-greasing have been added to the models, as well as heavier sub-frames.

Olympus adds that the machines feature large cabins for improved operator room and total clear view for increased operator vision.

Other improvements, such as a new cooling system fitted in the radiator, have also been made, providing the machines with a system 30 per cent bigger than other standard 18-tonne wheel loaders.

“There’s a lot of stuff that we do to make them a bit more heavy-duty because they’re not just sitting in a yard working, they’re out in the land going through creek beds and digging out dams with them,” Collins explains.

“They’re pushing them a bit harder than what they normally would be doing so we’ve had to modify them as we go to make them a bit more robust.

“They do some over there for us and we do other stuff here. It was done just to improve the working conditions of them.”

Collins says the most popular models of Olympus loaders are the YX656 and YX657 machines, which produce 217 and 220 horsepower (162 and 164kW), respectively, thanks to a Cummins-powered engine and ZF transmission.  Olympus offers a factory warranty on parts and labour, which lasts for two years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first.

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