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Pink Kobelco on show at Inside Construction 2023

See Starbuck Excavation’s new pink Kobelco for yourself at Inside Construction 2023 on September 20-21 in Melbourne

At the upcoming Inside Construction Expo, taking place on September 20–21 in Melbourne, you will be able to see Starbuck Excavation’s new bright pink Kobelco excavator up close.

Machine Control Australia, which specialises in blade guidance systems and associated telematics solutions, will be exhibiting at the show. Having installed the machine’s guidance system, the pink Kobelco SK135SR will be an eye-catching draw for attendees.

As for the pink paint job – Melbourne’s Starbuck Excavation chose to make their new excavator as a way to raise awareness around a lack of diversity in the sector.

“The reason behind purchasing this digger in pink is to invite more women into the industry,” Starbuck Excavation COO Aurelia Pirvu says.

“We are lucky in Australia that women are already part of the construction industry, but for people outside of the industry, we’d like to use it as conversation piece to highlight that women can operate machinery, that women can have big careers in the field, that the new generation knows that there is a future in construction.

“With this digger, we obviously don’t expect things to change overnight, the intention behind it is to bring awareness and have people who don’t know much about the industry who could potentially be a great fit, spot the machine in traffic or on a worksite and from there get curious, Google it and to hopefully be encouraged to enter the field.”

There’s just three weeks left until the first ever Inside Construction Expo opens its doors at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Register for free now at

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