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Precisionscreen pugmills ready for October

Precision Screen has recommenced production of its Scorpion Pugmill PLC, with the model set to be available for purchase and hire in October this year.

Precision Screen will manufacture two Scorpion Pugmill PLC before October and hope to make another three before the end of the year

Despite lockdowns across most of Australia’s eastern seaboard, Precision Screen has continued the manufacturing of the machines and is in the process of building two units ready for the October deadline.

A further three units are also planned for construction and will be ready before the end of the year.

The pugmills are designed and manufactured using quality Australian products for use across the quarrying, recycling and mining industries around the country.

The Scorpion PLC pugmill enables operators to produce their own material for road pavement operations, including cement treated and/or lime-stabilised pavement materials.

The versatile machine is powered by a five-piston motor and epicyclic reduction gearbox and has been designed to add moisture content to the road base materials in order to make Optimum Moisture Content (OMC). As a result, the pugmill can produce up to 300 tonnes per hour.

Twin auger pug heads, which encompass 50 reversible wear paddles, can crush aggregate at two different head action speeds – 65rpm or 122rpm – along the ten-foot (3.143m) pug head chamber.  A new inlet chute allows operators to add cement additives with divider plate in order to achieve a more homogenous mix.

The Scorpion PLC will feature a new user-friendly interface for operators, who can operate the machine through the PLC control system. The system includes the ability to select different product mixers at the touch of a button and features an automatic start-up function.

Other features of the pugmill include wind down leads for increased stability in operation, main belt weight scales which relay information back to the PLC system for product mixing and a fitted towbar for easy manoeuvrability.

Safety measures, such as galvanised guarding, rock guards, safety warning beacon and sirens and pug head guards have all been fitted.

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