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Precisionscreen sand washing equipment in high demand

Precisionscreen is already seeing high demand for its sand washing equipment this year, offering customers a wash kit attachment to go with the Contractor 604 mobile screen

With a high level of manoeuvrability and a lightweight frame, the Contractor 604 is a standout seller for Brisbane-based Precisionscreen – showcasing the robust design and attention to detail the Australian-built screen is known for.

The Contractor 604 is the smallest of Precisionscreen’s screening range and has been specifically designed for processing materials such as sand, feedlot base material, soils, pebbles and road base.

Mounted on wheels, the compact machine can be easily moved around on site by a telehandler or small loader to provide additional backup, as well as be taken out on the road for on-the-spot screening.

“With a 6×4 screen and a 1m-wide feed belt, the two-deck Contractor 604 can process up to 100 cubic metres per hour of material, depending on its density,” Precisionscreen chief operating officer Jonny McMurtry says.

“The Contractor 604 is most effective in fine earth screening and it’s super-efficient as soon as material hits the screenbox. It’s extremely cost effective for the removal of fine materials such as topsoil and bedding sands.”

The Contractor 604 is available with options including shredder attachments for soils, manure and composts, a diesel precoat attachment kit and wash kits.

“The Contractor 604 is a great entry point for customers entering into the market, or who have a smaller contract or application that they’re looking for a cost-effective option for in order to produce the material they need,” McMurtry says.

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Wash kits are built bespoke by Precisionscreen as an attachment for its screens. Image: Precisionscreen

Wash kit attachment

Attaching to the legs of the Contractor 604 mobile screen, Precisionscreen’s wash kit attachment comes in various sizes, applicable for screen boxes measuring from 1.8m x 1.2m up to the largest, 6m x 1.5m screen boxes.

Precisionscreen wash kits can be single deck, double deck or triple deck, typically formed of multiple spray nozzles to wash materials such as sand, aggregates and river stone.

Situated on top of the main conveyor of the screening plant, a ‘boil box’ adds a heavy dose of water to the materials being washed.

A wet box sits underneath the main conveyor and pushes material washed through the screen into a secondary plant for reclamation.

“The beauty of our wash kits are that they’re fully designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Brisbane,” McMurtry says.

Precisionscreen offers its customers a high level of flexibility, with the ability to customise the wash kit attachment and tailor it to the customer’s application.

“Where we differ is we can understand a customer’s application and what they will need. We can alternate designs or accommodate customers’ requests based on their needs, or what they’re washing, and advise on different equipment that will best suit,” he says.

McMurtry says the company also offers aftersales support, making sure customers are always looked after.

“If there’s any small parts, additional parts needed for your wash kits, sand washing or aggregate washing equipment, they’re fully stocked and supported from our Brisbane factory.”

Understanding customers’ needs, Precisionscreen goes out of its way to make sure customers are satisfied.

“We can go to their site, have a tailored visit and then recommend or advise on different equipment to suit them,” he says.

“We have different units that we can offer from our portfolio and it’s just understanding what the customer wants and needs, or what’s the primary product that they’re chasing, and then we can tailor offerings to suit that.

“For aggregate washing and screening, we offer ideas such as the barrel washer. For sand washing and reclaiming we obviously do our wash kits, and we have our Sandscrew and SRD180 dewatering unit for other materials as well.”

Precisionscreen’s Sandscrew is an entry-level option for washing and grading sand. Image: Precisionscreen


For customers working with sand products, Precisionscreen offers a variety of sand washing plants that work in conjunction with the Contractor 604 mobile screen, the smallest of which is the Sandscrew.

Wet materials enter the feed tube at the base of the screw and as the heavier particles sink to the bottom, they are dragged up a trough through a spiral screw.

Dewatering then occurs up the length of this channel until discharged at the end via a chute, creating a simple solution for sand classification.

All screws are driven hydraulically and can run off the screening plant’s powerpack. The screw also has an adjustable overflow weir to help maximise the recovery of fines and control the discharge of wastewater.

“Compared to the high cost of an imported plant, the Sandscrew is a good entry point to start getting some washed and graded sand on the go, allowing a business to grow,” McMurtry says.

For more information on the Contractor 604 and wash attachments visit or call 1800 727 991.

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