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Precisionscreen’s stockpile conveyer range providing cost-effective solutions

Precisionscreen’s SM conveyer stockpile range provides a cost-effective solution for moving material around a site – while working in tandem with imported machines

Precisionscreen is seeing a lot of interest and applications for its SM conveyer stockpile range, offering customers the ability to hire its machines, with the option to purchase at the end of hire.

Showcasing the versatility that the Brisbane-based company offers, its stockpile range also has the capability to work with other imported machines.

Focusing on the SM450, SM650 and SM750, Precisionscreen’s standard conveyers come with hydraulic drive and poly rollers and return slides.

All conveyers are also fully designed and manufactured in-house in its Brisbane workshop, with the SM450 reaching 10m (30ft), the SM650 12.5m (40ft) and the largest model, the SM750, coming in at 15m (50ft).

Moving mostly sand, soil and reclaimed materials, these conveyers essentially grab fine material from the screening process and then stockpile it in a convenient location.

Once this process is done, the fine materials can be loaded onto trucks to be transported.

Precisionscreen’s SM conveyer range can also radially stockpile, as all its machines come with radial wheels.

“Part of the benefit of our SM conveyors is it reduces the need for an extra loader or a different handling solution on site,” chief operating officer Jonny McMurtry says.

“These machines provide a cost-effective way to stockpile and move your material once it’s gone through the screening process.”

External flexibility

An Anaconda trommel unit was recently set up to work with a SM750 conveyer in Felton, in southeast Queensland.

“We had a couple of discussions with our customer and spoke directly to Anaconda as well, just to make sure that we had sufficient hydraulic power and flow, which we did,” McMurtry says.

“We were then able to tap into the machine, claiming some hydraulic power from the current power pack and hydraulic system on the screen and plant.

“This was sufficient enough to drive our SM750 stockpiler.”

Working off the powerpack of the existing screening plant, the SM conveyer range eliminates the need for using a wheel loader that burns diesel – reducing costs.

“A lot of our customers are looking for a quick hire or modification to their existing fixed or mobile plant,” McMurtry says of typical applications for the conveyor.

“They’re looking for these 10, 12 and 15m conveyers just to do their short-term contracts or add on to their existing sites.”

This versatility provides customers with more choice and security, knowing that they can purchase in full, or hire to see how the machines perform before purchasing.

The SM650 stockpile conveyer is 12.5m (40ft) long. Image: Precisionscreen

Hire or buy

Precisionscreen is happy to do hire and purchase agreements with customers, offering flexibility to those who decide they want to keep a machine.

“Depending on what the customer needs, based on their contracts, we can offer a rebate at the end of hire,” McMurtry says.

He attributes the increased demand for these machines to the lack of stockpiling capabilities that come with imported machines.

Imported machines usually have a small stockpiling height, he says, but Precisionscreen can add its conveyors to run off the hydraulic system or existing power pack of the screen plant.

“This is a cost-effective way of increasing your throughput and production as well as reducing the running costs for your screening application, whether it be per contract or on your existing site,” he says.

Customers are also able to modify Precisionscreen’s standard conveyers, with the business adapting to customer needs, whether it be for hire or purchase.

“Whether it be modifications such as a rear wheel drive or large feed boots, we can add pretty cool attachment kits on the end of the conveyors,” McMurtry says.

When asked what makes the Precisionscreen conveyers stand apart from others, he emphasised the fact that they are built in Australia for local conditions, while also placing a large focus on customer support.

Standing apart

Precisionscreen stocks and carries all the spare parts for the conveyers it builds as an Australian original equipment manufacturer.

“It’s our responsibility to look after these units and we make sure we have sufficient stock on hand for any machines that are on hire or recently sold,” McMurtry says.

Relationships are integral to the Precisionscreen and it’s why the business goes out of its way to satisfy the customer.

“Depending on production lead times, we can offer a new conveyor if we have space in our production line – within two weeks if we had to.”

Having been designed and built with the Australian environment in mind, customers can be assured that the SM conveyers will thrive in harsh climates.

“We put on triple-sealed bearings onto our conveyor just to manage the harsh Australian climates,” McMurtry says.

“Our poly rollers are also manufactured to suit Australian standards and expectations. This includes a deeper inset bearing to protect it from the harsh, hot and gritty Australian environment.”

Precisonscreen’s aftersales support team also stands out for customers – getting back to customers swiftly.

With multiple different centres, the company can offer spare parts for its conveyers from Brisbane as well as Melbourne.

“We can service all corners of the country from those two locations,” McMurtry adds.

For more information on the SM conveyer stockpile range visit or call 1800 727 991.

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