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Premier Rock Machinery brings REMU products to Australia

Premier Rock Machinery has been appointed as a dealer for the Finnish company REMU and is now distributing the complete range of REMU products — including screening buckets, combi screening plants and amphibious excavators — in Australia. It will also provide service, repairs and maintenance.

Willawong-based PRM says the new products complement and expand the services that the company already offers as the Queensland dealer for the Montabert range, which includes rock breakers and screening buckets.

The REMU screening buckets can be attached to almost any type of excavator, back-hoe, wheel-loader, skid steer or tractor.

Through the set-up of different rotor types and spacing of rotating blades, the screening buckets can be easily adapted for different applications such as:

Pipeline padding and cable excavation

PRM says this is the fastest growing application for the screening bucket due to the cost savings achieved when material from an excavation is screened on-site and used in the padding process of cable excavation. “Screening on-site, you save on both material costs and transportation,” the company says. “On-site bucket screening increases the time that machinery is used for profitable work by eliminating down time associated with waiting for material.”


The screening bucket is used for grinding the waste — green and bio waste, animal mortalities, manure and sewerage sludge — before composting and aerating the compost to accelerate the process. The bucket can be also used for screening mature compost and making the final product homogenous by mixing in other ingredients so.

Industrial applications

Grinding and classifying material is one of the most common industrial applications for screening buckets.

With the correct blade design, PRM says, it is easy to process different soils and chemicals. Spiral rotors combined with crushing blades can effectively even grind lumpy material.


“In most cases, the first step is to separate fines from recyclable material,” PRM says. “For example, soil can be cleared out of wood stumps before chipping.

“Sometimes recyclable materials have to be crushed or classified before those can be used again or processed further. With a screener crusher, bucket glass, gypsum board, tiles bricks, etc, can also be crushed.

Acid soil and stabilisation

The screening bucket is well suited to the task of mixing lime into soil and also reduces the size of clay fractions.

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