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FlipScreen screening bucket manages any material

From corrosive materials to scrap metal to digging the fresh ground and working underwater, the FlipScreen does it all

If you can scoop it, you can screen it

FlipScreen is the world’s best, high volume, patented screening bucket that inexpensively and efficiently screens any material, on-site, for any carrier.

Limitless in terms of material, the specially designed shape of the bucket provides seamless screening, with no moving parts in the bucket that can break down or get clogged up, like so many others. This means that if you can scoop it up, you can screen it. It also means far fewer maintenance and breakdown concerns.

Made to suit any size excavator, loader, skid steer or tractor with zero daily maintenance on new direct-drive models, FlipScreens benefit all industries requiring a primary separation process.

From large mines to local landscape businesses, FlipScreen has reinvigorated the way sites are operated.

Screen wet material with no hassles as the optional brush kit clears the mesh on every rotation. You can even mix concrete with the mixing screen. The mixer removes the need for multiple attachments and equipment.

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FlipScreen has reinvigorated the way sites are operated
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