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There is a strong demand in Australia for simulation products to improve driver and operator training on mining and civil engineering machines.

Heavy Machinery Training Simulators
Earthmoving Simulator Training

The HFX Series IV USB hydraulic excavator simulator joystick has been showcased in Australia for use in hand operated and high operating force applications. These heavy duty joysticks for excavator simulator training are available with a number of high function handles in single, dual or triple axis configurations tailored for the excavator simulators. With a USB 1.1 HID compliant interface, the excavator simulator joystick inputs via Microsoft DirectX, and is recognised as a standard HID game controller device.

Using exercises focus on muscle memory and safe operating procedures, Simlog's Hydraulic Excavator is a specialised PC-based excavator training device that puts drivers in the virtual simulator cabin of a modern hydraulic excavator. With 12 simulation modules of increasing difficulty, from basic operation of the boom and carrier to trenching and truck loading, the excavator simulator features Simlog's exclusive "dynamic terrain modelling" technology.

Superbly realistic, Crane Simulator 2009 provides virtual operator training on some of the most compact and manoeuvrable cranes in Australia. Minimum system requirements for Crane Simulator 2009 include Windows Vista/XP, 512 MB RAM, AMD Athlon 2.4 GHz or faster, 600 MB Hard Disk Space, Radeon 9800 Pro with 128MB, CD-ROM Drive.

Crane Simulator 2009 offers potential crane drivers a variety of challenges and scenarios to master, including loading ships with large containers, constructing pre-fab homes by moving ceilings and doors into place, and bridge attachment. Depending on the level of difficulty the crane simulator is set at, operators will need to demonstrate total precision in placing a load.

Dump truck simulators have become an important tool for training dump truck operators in Australia. Dump truck simulators accurately imitate the actual interior of a dump truck, with the trainee surrounded by controls and instruments placed at ergonomically correct positions, including braking and steering systems, lights, indicators, pedals, gauges and the horn. Dump truck simulators provide a virtual, 3D mine along with artificially intelligent mine support equipment and machinery to provide a complete dump truck simulation experience, including loading, hauling, reversing and dumping.

Forklift Simulator 2009 allows forklift operators to be virtually trained to manage the demanding tasks a forklift truck driver needs to perform. The forklift simulator challenges drivers to store goods in various warehouse sizes and load and unload trucks and trains carriages in a given time frame.

Minimum system requirements include Windows XP/Vista, DirectX 9.0c, AMD-/Intel processor 1.8 GHz or higher (optimum 2.4 - 3 GHz), RAM min. 512 MB (XP) / min. 1 GB (Vista), DirectX 9 compatible graphic card, a sound card, and about 200 MB free disk space.

Forklift Simulator 2009 features six challenging assignments, three different forklift trucks, and a driving license training mode.

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