New Okada Hammers breaks into Australia

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Okada’s Australian distributor Tutt Bryant Equipment has introduced the new Okada hydraulic hammer light range to the Australian market which weighs between one to 8.5 tonnes.

New Okada Hammers breaks into Australia
Okada hammer working with a Yanmar excavator

The light range was added to the existing heavier Okada TOP range following an increasing demand for lower end hammers in the Australian market.

Tut Bryant Equipment says the new Okada250 (1-3 tonne), Okada400 (3-4 tonne), and the Okada800 (4-8.5 tonne) hydraulic hammers are designed with a special alloy steel and advanced heat treatment system that has enhanced the hammers’ main component durability.

The breakers are silenced reducing noise pressure and are fully equipped with a threaded port for attaching an automatic lubrication system ensuring longevity of the hammers.

As the preferred hammer of use with Yanmar excavators , Tutt Bryant Equipment will package the Okada hammers with the excavators to give users a variety of solutions for their needs.

Okada is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic hammers from Osaka Japan and offers a variety of hammers ranging from one to 30 tonnes to cater to a wide range of applications.

For more information on Tutt Bryant’s Okada line-up in Australia, visit Tutt Bryant Equipment’s website.

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