Broons eCombi Roller finds home in Montana

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South Australian crushing and compaction machine maker Broons is celebrating the shipping of an eCombi Roller to a contractor in Montana — the first of the drum/tyre hybrids to be sold internationally.

Broons eCombi Roller finds home in Montana
The Broons eCombi Roller in action, towed behind a grader.

The eCombi compacts freshly graded surfaces with a centrally mounted steel roll drum or a single rear row of nine smooth tread compactor tyres that can be hydraulically raised or lowered from the cabin of the grader or tow tractor to suit the application.

"The eCombi has been designed specifically for the patrol grading and resheeting of unsealed roads, and one of its most important features to councils is the ease of turning and backing the roller," Broons Director Stuart Bowes says.

"Most drum/tyre combinations are not so easy to turn around on a narrow country road but the eCombi solves that problem brilliantly. I know it will perform brilliantly in Montana as their roads are similar to ours in many respects."

Bowes says the Montana contractor "made a trip down under last year to spend a couple of weeks travelling around Australia looking at our range of compaction and crushing equipment".

The Broons eCombi roller is designed to operate in harsh conditions, with the steel roll drum surrounded by steel fabricated, reinforced heavy duty frame. The components are sealed to withstand dust and dirt.

The unit has a compaction width of 2m on the roll drum and slightly wider on the tyres. The roll drum can be either 1.4m, 1.5m or 1.6m in diameter, and is 25mm thick.

The standard non vibrating unit can be ballasted with water to increase its weight and compaction pressure. The optional vibrating roll drum has a static linear load of 35kg/cm and a static weight per tyre of 778kg. It's powered hydraulically from the tow tractor and has a nominal amplitude of 1.5mm with a vibratory frequency of 33Hz.

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