Cat M series wheel loaders have improved safety features

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Cat M series wheel loaders The Cat 950M wheel loader
Cat M series loaders Cat medium wheel loader product specialist Dick Mars
Cat M series wheel loaders The view from the cab of the Cat 950M wheel loader

Cat has launched the new M series wheel loaders, with an improved operator cab and integrated braking system.

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We recently covered Cat’s M Series loaders announcement, but we were given the opportunity to take a look at the wheel loaders up close at Cat distributor William Adam’s lot in Clayton, Vic.

Caterpillar medium wheel loader product specialist Dick Mars gave us a comprehensive rundown of the new features on the M series including an updated operator cab with a continuous handrail and the ability to open the door from a switch at ground level.

"When you flick this switch it will actually use a pneumatic cylinder to open up the door," Mars says.

"You’ll no longer have to reach up and open the cab, put your lunchbox in, and enter the cab while trying to do two or three things at once."

Mars also spoke to us about a Cat-exclusive feature of the new M series loaders, the integrated braking system. This system combines the machine’s brakes, clutch and gear-selection into one pedal, giving the operator the ability to brake and downshift at the same time. This has a big impact on machine wear and fuel use.

"The best way to describe its efficiency and how it works is if you were using a manual vehicle going down a steep grade, you tend to want to be able to use your brakes and your transmission to reduce the inertia and the speed at which you are travelling down that grade," Mars says.

"This is the principle behind the integrated braking system."


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