Morgan develops combination encoder and slip ring system

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Display of Morgan encoder and slip ring combo The Morgan Advanced Materials 2-in-1 encoder and slip ring system Display of Morgan encoder and slip ring combo

British materials engineering firm Morgan Advanced Materials has developed a new 2-in-1 digital encoder and slip ring system to monitor machine movements on high-reaching heavy equipment such as excavators and cranes.

The modern construction industry is increasingly reliant on digital data sourced directly from machines for monitoring safety, productivity and automated machine control.  But sensor arrays and associated wiring can be a complex and difficult to install and maintain.

Morgan’s solution involves assembling a highly sensitive, miniaturised encoder within a conventional mechanical slip ring system to form one cohesive unit that can be easily installed within the machinery.

Using in-vehicle communications networks, the encoder measures the angle position of the upper structure of the vehicle in relation to its undercarriage. This information can then be retrieved in real-time by the operator or automated controller.

The encoder and slip ring combo is available in a variety of materials to suit the application, including stainless steel, aluminium and UV-resistant plastic.

Morgan says that as well as being easily retrofitted to existing machines the component is also future-proof as it has been designed for the fully automated machinery of the future.

"Like many sectors, the construction industry is moving in favour of telemetry, remote controlled or pre-programmed machinery and intelligent in-vehicle communications systems which can enhance driver and site safety," Morgan Advanced Materials technical sales engineer Christoph Daun says.

"We are committed to developing components which solve real industry challenges, not just now but also in the future.

"By creating a heavy-duty slip ring with an encoder built in, we are offering OEMs and equipment owners the chance to install a component which not only meets their in-vehicle safety monitoring requirements now, but can also support during the future changes of automated self-driving machinery."


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