12 Komatsu 830E haul trucks arrive in Australia

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Twelve massive Komatsu 830E haul trucks have begun arriving at National Plant and Equipment’s Queensland yard.

Komatsu -830E-haul -truck

  • Diesel/electric drive
  • 1865kW
  • 7.30m wide x 6.88m high

Measuring just under 7m high and 8m wide, the Komatsu 830E is an absolute monster. Weighing in at just over 164 tonnes when empty, the 830E haul truck can take a payload of over 220 tonnes for a GVW of 385 tonnes.

Due to the 830E’s immense size, the trucks have been shipped in pieces to National Plant and Equipment’s yard in Yatala, Queensland, where a team of 20 will assemble the trucks within a month, in what will be a 24/7 operation. The assembly process is being filmed for a timelapse production.

National Plant says that, despite their popularity and the country’s many large-scale mines, haul trucks of this size are fairly uncommon in Australia so the big Komatsus have caused quite a stir in the market.

"Despite being in high demand, these trucks are extremely difficult to come by in Australia due to their size and cost of acquisition," National Plant & Equipment CEO Mark Ackroyd says.

"With the interest that the purchase of this equipment has amassed, we wanted to give the industry a rare insight into what it takes to assemble these sizeable dump trucks."

Transporting the pieces to the Yatala yard was an impressive feat in itself. The components were met at the Port of Brisbane by an impressive arrangement of heavy haulage vehicles and low loaders, including 10 line-steerable Drake trailers, and taken to the Yatala yard.

Space in the yard will be at a premium over the next few weeks with 12 8m-wide trucks sitting in various stages of assembly.

"This is one of the largest simultaneous equipment builds that our team will have accomplished, especially on a tight timeframe," Ackroyd adds.


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