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Ace Rental managing director Mick Sheldon has picked up the latest ‘next generation’ Cat 320 3D excavator and is among the first in Australia to add one to his hire fleet!


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Earthmovers & Excavators magazine went out to check out Mick’s new 320 3D, which is hard at work on a new residential subdivision just off the M1 at Holmview in Queensland.

"We have the access hire business, the earth moving business, and the haulage business and also now repair machinery so we have a lot going on," Mick explains.

On the hot topic of his flash new Cat excavator Mick couldn’t be happier and neither is the operator he hires out with the 320 3D.

"These excavators are five years ahead of the other players in the marketplace really in terms of technology," he says.

"Cat dealer, Hastings Deering, is partnering with Sitech, who are the leaders in Global Positioning Equipment for machine control, so now you can buy the Cat 3D machines off the shelf with all the GPS hardwired.

"You used to go to work in the morning and have to fit your GPS machine and your receivers, but now with the latest Cat next generation gear, it's all ready to go thanks to my guy Greg Hewlett at Hastings Deering in Queensland who put me onto these.

Mick and his team received an Innovation Award for Lend Lease at the Yarrabilba residential development and he feels that good business needs to innovate and embrace change rather than resist it.

 "Operators prefer having the latest machines, mostly for their reliability and accuracy and especially when loading trucks"

"The versatility of these machines and the fact they comply with the latest contractual standards for machinery used onsite is likely to keep us in high demand.

"We try to be more of a niche provider; you simply need to have the latest gear in order to service the kind of residential subdivision clients we have and these next generation Cat 3D excavators will help us do that."

One of the key technological features of this machine is the E-fence, which automatically stops excavator motion using boundaries you set in the monitor for the entire working area —above, below, on the sides and in front. E-fence features protect equipment from damage; provide peace of mind on site and unparalleled safety.

For those without eyes in the back of their heads, the rear view camera that comes as standard will come in handy, but a full 360 degree visibility camera feature is also an option.

Mick reckons one of the best things about having the latest gear is the precision that you get.

"If someone’s contracted to move a certain amount of earth; with the electronic weighting that’s incorporated into these machines - you can be sure it’s spot on and if it’s loading — you can be sure they won’t be overweight."

Construction contracts these days often do come with high-level requirements and specifications for the machinery that is used and being able to tick all those boxes simply allows Ace Rental to service more residential subdivision contractors.

The 22.7 tonne Cat 320 3D excavator has a high level of technology as standard with full GPS and load-weighing from the factory, a new cab focused on operator comfort and productivity, plus lower fuel and maintenance costs. A combination of lower engine speed and a larger hydraulic pump delivers top performance while burning up to 25 per cent less fuel than previous models.

For more information contact Hasting Deering on 131 228.


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