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Australian operators get the latest Caterpillar Next Generation excavators first, as the new Cat 3-series machines are unveiled at the 2018 National Construction Equipment Convention in Sydney

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Five new 1 to 2-tonne models in the Cat mini hydraulic excavator lineup have arrived including the 301.5 (1.5-ton class, standard tail swing, with canopy); 301.6 (1.6-ton class, standard tail swing, with cab; 301.7 CR (1.7-ton class, compact radius, with canopy); 301.8 (1.8-ton class, standard tail swing, with either canopy or cab); 302 CR (2.0-ton class, compact radius, with either canopy or cab).

The new range incorporates industry-first standard features for mini excavators, such as joystick steering (stick steer), a tilt-up canopy and cab, automatic two-speed travel as well as new options, including air conditioning, expandable undercarriages across the range and Bluetooth enabled push-to-start.

Standard dig depths are 2,340mm to 2,370 mm depending on the model, and an available long stick increases depth 2,540 or 2,570 mm). Rubber track undercarriages are standard, with steel tracks available for all models.

All the new models use the Cat C1.1 engine, a three-cylinder diesel rated at 19.2 net horsepower (14.3 kW), and 21.6 gross horsepower (16.1 kW) meeting Tier 4 Final/Stage V emissions regulations. The C1.1 features a power-dense design and delivers consistent performance through a wide speed range. The cat C1.1 provides a significant increase in engine power and performance over previous models. Fuel efficiency is enhanced with engine idle control and automatic shutdown systems.



The new Next Generation mini excavators use an efficient, fuel saving, load-sensing hydraulic system with an electronically controlled variable displacement piston pump capable of oil flows to 66 L/min. Flow rates, coupled with high main-relief pressures, provides new models with the hydraulic capacity to generate high digging and lifting forces, as well as manage powered attachments.

For added versatility, the standard auxiliary hydraulic system (complete with quick disconnect lines) provides one way, two way and continuous flow. All new models can be fitted with a Cat manufactured manual coupler together with a wide selection of Cat manufactured buckets including General duty digging, mud and tilting ditch cleaning. Other readily-available Cat attachments include Augers, Hammers and Compaction Wheels.

In addition, all models are equipped with factory-installed brackets to allow for easy thumb installation and come with a certified lifting eye. The Cat coupler design also allows operators to reverse attachments for front shovel operation, a capability that lends an extra measure of precision when digging around utilities.

The expandable undercarriage (standard for all models) narrows to allow the new machines to enter work sites through restricted access points, then extends to provide a stable work platform. Undercarriages for 301.5, 301.6, 301.7 CR and 301.8, expand from 990mm to 1,300mm. The 302 CR expands from 1,090mm to 1400mm.

Each model features a dozer blade that further expands the machines capability of the new models which, when combined with stick-steer function allows the machine to handle backfilling and grading tasks with ease. The blade features ample travel, above and belowground level, has a float function and is designed to allow "dig-to-blade" operation for more efficient handling of loose materials.


Operator environment

The design of the new Next Generation mini excavators emphasizes comfort, convenience, and operator safety. The cab; standard on the 301.6, and optional on both the 301.8 and 302 CR, is pressurized and sealed to minimize dust intrusion and operator sound levels. It also creates an efficient in-cab cooling environment. The front window slides upward and stores overhead, and large glass areas on the sides and rear of the cab, plus a skylight, provides all around visibility. The operating consoles feature adjustable wrist rests, and an optional suspension seat. A retractable, 3-inch-wide seat belt is both comfortable to wear and comes in high-visibility orange.

Controls are designed to be intuitive, with a pattern changer that allows operators to select their preferred system between Excavator and Backhoe pattern.  A machine security system is standard on all models: a key combined with operator pass code or an optional push-to-start button with Bluetooth enabled fob for automatic key recognition.

The Next Generation models come with LCD monitor provides easy-to-read machine information and features a jog dial for easy navigation and interaction with the monitor.


Stick Steer – a new way to move

An exclusive feature for the new Next Generation models is the standard Stick Steer system built into all models. This allows the operator to control tracks using the left-hand joystick control at the touch of a button.  Stick Steer provides the benefit of less effort combined with improved operator control.  Complementing stick-steer functionality is an automatic two-speed travel that significantly speeds up machine positioning and control.

Caterpillar 336 excavator


There was more to the lauNch in Sydney than the nifty new 1-2 tonners. Caterpillar also launched their big 36-tonne 336 and 336 GC Next Generation excavators at the 2018 National Construction Equipment Convention in Sydney.

Delivering high-production performance, the new Cat 336 features standard integrated Cat Connect Technology and the most power and lift capacity of the two models. The result is maximum productivity at the lowest cost.

The new Cat 336 GC combines the right balance of productivity features with reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs. The result is high reliability and low-cost-per-hour performance.

Integrated Cat Connect Technology increases operating efficiency by up to 45 percent over traditional grading operations.

The standard Cat Grade with 2D system provides guidance for depth, slope, and horizontal distance to grade through the standard touchscreen monitor, making operators more accurate. The system is readily upgradable to Cat Grade with Advanced 2D or Cat Grade with 3D.

Standard Grade Assist automates boom, stick, and bucket movements so operators can effortlessly stay on grade with single-lever digging.

Cat Payload delivers precise load targets and increased loading efficiency with on-the-go weighing and real-time payload estimates without swinging to prevent truck over/underloading.

The E-fence feature prevents the excavator from moving outside operator-defined set points—particularly useful when working beneath structures or near traffic.

Cat LINK hardware and software connect jobsites to the office and provide customers with machine-critical operating information.

Fuel savings

By design, Cat Next Generation excavators consume less fuel than the models they are replacing — up to 15 percent less fuel for the 336.

New Smart mode operation automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions, optimizing both fuel consumption and performance. Engine speed is automatically lowered when there is no hydraulic demand to further reduce fuel usage.

The cooling system features a new fan that runs on demand to keep the excavator working at the correct operating temperature for maximum efficiency.

With a new electrohydraulic system built for responsiveness and efficiency, the Cat 336 and 336 GC feature a new main control valve that eliminates the need for pilot lines, reduces pressure losses, and lowers fuel consumption. Fewer hydraulic lines on the excavators result in less oil required, lowering long-term operating costs.


Maintenance costs reduced

Offering extended and more synchronized maintenance intervals, the new Cat excavators do more work at a lower cost and reduce maintenance costs by up to 15 percent over the previous series.

The new Cat air filter with integrated pre-cleaner and primary and secondary filters has double the dust holding capacity of the previous design.

The new Cat hydraulic return filter has a 3,000-hour service life — a 50 percent increase over previous filter.

The fuel system filters are synchronized for service at 1,000 hours — a 100 percent increase over the previous filters.

The fuel system water and sediment drains and hydraulic system oil level are positioned close together at ground level, making routine daily maintenance faster, easier, and safer.

New cab design

With a choice of Comfort, Deluxe, or Premium cab packages, all Next Generation Cat excavator cabs come equipped with standard features like keyless push-button start, large standard 8-inch (203-mm) touchscreen monitor with jog dial keys for control, and sound-suppressed rollover protective structures (ROPS) to offer the next level of operator comfort and safety.

A tilt-up console for the Deluxe and Premium cab designs affords easy cab entry and exit.

New advanced viscous mounts reduce cab vibration by up to 50 percent over previous models.

A Bluetooth® integrated radio with USB ports for connecting and charging phones bring creature comforts from the home to the operator’s office.

Automatic climate control maintains internal cab temperature settings, regardless of external ambient temperatures.

Programmable joystick buttons for response and pattern allow the operator to "dial in" productivity settings.

Large front, rear, and side windows enhance visibility; optional 360-degree visibility (336 only) combines images from multiple machine-mounted cameras to enhance the operator’s sight lines in all directions.


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