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With a high degree of flexibility, the Flip Screen attachment is designed to quickly and efficiently turn waste product into a saleable commodity

The Flip Screen can be used for a wide range of applications, including sorting green waste, concrete and metal.


One Australian company is taking on the world’s screening industry and creating a name for themselves as the best at what they do, screening attachments. Flip Screen Australia has created a series of tough, portable attachments that screen in seconds. It offers endless potential, being able to screen any material; from heavy rock, concrete and scrap metal to topsoil and sand, the FlipScreen is both effective and efficient.

Flip Screen started as a humble idea with a bit of mesh on the back of a bucket, some creative genius and a lot of persistence in the farm shed of the company’s now managing director, Sam Turnbull. Frustrated with the lack of compact and portable screening equipment, Turnbull’s ingenuity is now the basis of a company that exports to over 41 countries worldwide.


WL285 Waste Master

Flip Screen distributor Rick Wilson says that: "There is not one municipality or council that should not have a FlipScreen."

With its outstanding versatility, the FlipScreen can be used for a variety of council applications such as waste and recycling, roadbase, pipelines and other civil projects, as well as landscaping and construction/demolition purposes.

Flip Screen has just released its newest creation, the WL285 Waste Master FlipScreen, specifically designed for waste and recycling applications. Its enormous capacity and specialised screens mean that it can be used across all council waste applications, from screening food and garden organic waste and compost, to concrete and metal. 

Wagga Wagga City Council was the first to purchase the brand new WL285 Waste Master to fit a 544J John Deere Loader. They put it to good use straight away, screening green waste at the local Gregadoo Waste Facility.

Council operator, Rodney, was surprised at how quick and efficient the unit was at getting the oversize product separated from the rest. To prove the Flip Screen’s true portability, he relocated the Waste Master to the Wagga Wagga Sales Yards several kilometres away to screen stones out of manure, transforming the material from a waste product into a saleable commodity. The unit is now back at the Gregadoo Facility and is making quick work of taking oversize concrete out of crushed fines that will be reused by the council as road-base.

The WL285 Waste Master features Flip Screen’s new direct drive system, and also boasts the Smart Valve, a revolutionary piece of technology that is Flip Screen’s own hydraulic solution to attachment failure due to incorrect pressures and flows.


Research & development

In true Flip Screen fashion, new products are always in the pipeline and the next release is set to crush the competition. Successfully tested on concrete and rock, the newest innovation out of the Flip Screen factory is the Crusher Bucket. Turnbull is pleased with its progress and speculates that it should be released in the near future.

Another innovative piece of equipment that the engineers at Flip Screen have invented is the Introscopic Cylinder. This is a hydraulic cylinder that can internally create its own pressure, which means that you can put 300 bar down the hydraulic line and the cylinder uses this to increase the pressure fivefold and create 1,500 bar. This will be used where extreme pressures and force are required and for miniaturisation of high pressure hydraulic cylinders. 

If you’d like more information on the FlipScreen, you can check out the website www.flipscreen.net or call on 02 6931 8002. Better yet, Turnbull encourages you to visit the world class manufacturing plant in Wagga Wagga supplying FlipScreens to the world.


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