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[SPONSORED CONTENT] Hot on the heels of the release of five new Cat Next Generation Mini Excavator models in the 1 to 2-ton class comes four new Next Generation models in the 7 to 10 ton range.

High flow prevents loss of functionality when using attachments

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Designed with customer experience at its core, Caterpillar has spent six years working with customers around the world to develop its new Next Generation Mini platform and has done so by going right back to the drawing board.

The result are four new models designed from the ground-up, which provide significant performance improvements combined with lower fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs and a bunch of new features that give operators control like never before.

The new machines have an up to 65 per cent increase in lift over the front


Let’s start with the new 308 CR (Compact Radius) Next Generation excavator, which replaces the 308E2CR. This is complemented with the 309 CR high flow.

Both models come with swing boom, rubber or steel tracks with optional rubber inserts as well as optional factory installed boom and stick lowering check valves.

In addition Caterpillar is introducing to Australia a 307.5 and 310 standard radius excavator with fixed boom, which would be considered digging and lifting powerhouses for their size.

The new models come with the new stick steer and cruise control


All models come with the new Cat Next Gen stick steer and cruise control function. At the press of a button on the left joystick the machine switches off the traditional travel levers and activates travel through the left joystick.

Up until now the only way to fine-tune performance needs out of an excavator of this size is to adjust engine RPM. More engine revs gives more power and faster cycle times. Lower revs reduces speed and gives more control.

Caterpillar has brought in a second level of setting that allows operators to set machine functions to a desired responsiveness. Want fast cycle times? Set the boom and stick on aggressive mode and the machine gives you get maximum hydraulic flow for the power available which is great for bulking out, trenching or truck loading. Have an inexperienced operator or need to lift delicate objects? Then set fine mode and it slows everything down so you can complete finer tasks without compromising on power.

Inside the cab, the Next Generation monitor covers a variety of functions all in the one screen. As well as analogue gauges for fuel and temperature the monitor serves as the control centre for most requirements including radio, auxiliary control, Bluetooth, and heater/aircon.

While each machine comes with two integrated Bluetooth keys that signals its proximity to the machine, thereby allowing the machine to start, the key itself is no longer needed. In its place is a push-to-start button which is used together with a passcode entered into the monitor.



The 308 CR Next Generation Mini Excavator brings with it an impressive up to 65 per cent increase in lift over the front and as well as 40 per cent over the side of the tracks over the previous model, as well as a 25 per cent improvement in swing torque.

In addition to the 308CR is the 309CR high flow, which is a little heavier and provides dedicated hydraulic power to the auxiliary circuit to allow use of attachments such as mulchers, mowers or augers while also allowing the machine to simultaneously travel, or multi-function.

In addition to all of this the new 308CR and other models offer up to 10 per cent lower ownership costs through lower fuel consumption, lower repair costs and extended service intervals.


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