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[SPONSORED CONTENT] Cat’s new 308CR Next Generation excavator is proving a favourite within Digga Demolitions’ fleet

Operator James Martin with the Cat 308CR, which boasts an impressive 65 per cent improved lift capacity and 25 per cent increased swing torque

Servicing the greater Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula, the vision of Digga Demolitions and its owner Mark Fowkes is clear: to remove unwanted building materials from customer sites and recycle as much as possible, leaving very little going to landfill.

Digga Group specialises in the demolition and removal of residential and commercial buildings and associated materials. A few months ago it won a contract that required cutting down and removing a large retaining wall, which involved the need to lower a machine by crane to the jobsite and then run a large concrete saw to cut and remove the wall in sections.

After doing his research, Fowkes came across the Next Generation 308CR, which fitted his size requirement of being small enough to lift by crane as well as being large enough to do the job at hand.

"Option-wise the Cat 308CR has a lot to offer and was a great choice for our team," says Fowkes.

"With the variable hydraulic response my operator could adjust flow settings to the tool but more than this he could slow down the boom and stick response and do precise cuts without jamming the blade."

Fowkes adds further: "My operators really like the lift capacity and stability of the 308CR. With an 800kg concrete saw attachment it was able to handle it at full reach and get the job done quickly and easily. We would normally take a 15 to 20 tonne machine to a job like this and would use maybe 150 litres of fuel, whereas with the 308CR it does the same job, just as quick, but safer and with far less fuel, which is a great win for our business."

Cat have released four new "Next Generation" models in the 7 to 10 ton range, replacing the 308E2CR with the 308CR Next Gen, which boasts an impressive 65 per cent improved lift capacity and 25 per cent increased swing torque.

"All of which Cat claims gives an overall increase of 20 per cent greater performance. We would have to agree with that – the machine has been very impressive, and my guys are continually discovering new things they hadn’t seen before on an 8 tonner," says Fawkes.

Other than performance, the Cat Next Generation excavator has a list of new technology features, starting with stick steer, which turns the left joystick into a travel pedal.

Then there is keyless start, with up to 50 operator codes and no need for an actual key to start the machine. Then there are the creature comforts: Bluetooth smart-phone connectivity, climate control, heated seat and pressurised cab that gives the operator a clean, quiet and comfortable environment to work in.

"Overall I’d be happy to endorse these machines to anyone who is interested," says Fawkes.

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