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The MB Crusher drum cutter range is ideal for complex sites like bridges and busy roads

MB cutter machines were used in a bridge demolishing project in Berlin

Construction projects on bridges and major roads can have a significant impact on traffic congestion, adding to the operational and logistical problems faced by operators. Not to mention the added pressure to complete the work quickly and reopen the roads, these requirements substantially increase costs.

MB Crusher has designed machines that it says can help excavation and demolition projects on bridges, tunnels and major roads run effectively, efficiently and smoothly.

Renovation work was required at the historic Augustusbrücke bridge over the Elbe river in Dresden, Germany for the removal of the concrete which filled the arches and had caused structural damage.The customer was seeking a solution that would be suitable for the machine already in use at the site – a Liebherr 918 excavator – and that would not cause any damage to the 18th-century structure.

MB Crusher provided the solution by recommending the use of an MB-R800 drum cutter (suitable for excavators between 10 and 22 tons). Firstly, the MB drum cutter was used on the diagonal cement lines on the bridge to free up the expansion joints before being used to remove some of the concrete that filled the arches of the bridge, grinding as far as three metres deep.

Another example, in Corsica, was a 450m suspended footbridge, five metres above the sea. The challenge was the construction site itself, which was located between the land and the sea, on the cliff and was very narrow, with very little room for manoeuvre. Therefore, it was a place where only a compact machine could be used.

MB Crusher provided the solution by advising the customer to install on its Bobcat E85 midi excavator the MB-R500 drum cutter, which it says is a versatile machine that can be customized according to customer requirements, as in this case, with a rotation kit that enables the operator to rotate the cutter directly from the cab without stopping work. The MB-R500 drum cutter also features the cutting depth adjustment kit, the dust suppression kit, and the drum cover kit to reduce dust emission.

Where there is a challenge, MB Crusher’s drum cutters range provide the solution to managing projects requiring precision grinding, respect for the specific environment, compliance with regulations, and reducing costs and time.


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