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Molan Plumbing & Civil based in South West Victoria is reaping the benefits of iDig 2D grade control on the company’s 3, 5 and 8-tonne excavators.


Specialising in all manner of plumbing and drainage work for utilities and civil projects, Molan Plumbing & Civil is based in Camperdown in South West Victoria.

The iDig is a 2D grade control system they are using is designed specifically for excavators. 

It provides real time depth, distance, and slope information to the operator without the need to manually check levels and grades.

The system uses solar-powered sensors on the bucket, boom, dipper and cab, with a LED grade indicator and control box showing the live bucket position in the machine.

iDig can be quickly installed on any make, model or size of excavator and is ideal for any job that is chasing a single or dual grade or level.


Molan Plumbing & Civil Managing Director Greg Molan invested in iDig 2D grade control technology for the company’s 3, 5 and 8-tonne CAT excavators recently.

Since implementing the system, Molan has seen great productivity gains and cost savings due to reduced time and labour.

"Now we can send one person out to operate the machine to complete site cuts, dig drains & auger holes, without needing someone onsite to check depths or grades," he says.

"The system is very easy to use so you just set your grade and away you go, it’s so much more productive.

Molan explained that he found out about the system through a demo by iDig distributor, Position Partners.

"We’ve worked with Position Partners for years and I value the great support they offer us.

"We use Topcon grade lasers and a GPS base and rover for subdivision and sewer work, so when they suggested we take a look at iDig I was interested."


2D vs 3D?

Molan says he had initially been looking at a full 3D excavator system, but soon saw that for the type of work Molan Plumbing & Civil specialises in, iDig was better suited to their needs.

"iDig is a simple 2D system that’s perfect for the jobs we do – a 3D solution would have been overkill for us with features that we wouldn’t benefit from most of the time," he added.

Because iDig can be swapped between machines and is a fraction of the cost of a 3D system, Mr Molan explains he’s had a fast return on investment.

Molan says iDig is very easy to learn and use on site.  

"Position Partners gave us a basic run-down, but the technology is pretty easy and self-explanatory.

"As with any new technology, you’re always a bit nervous to begin with, but we’ve found you really can’t go wrong with it. 

"So far we haven’t used the laser much to carry our benchmarks. We’ve got a shed pad job coming up where there’ll be a reference point on site, so I’m going to use our Topcon grade laser with the iDig."

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