Morooka 20 tonne dumper debuts Down Under

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The Japan-designed tracked dumper is designed for minimal ground pressure in the toughest terrain.

Morooka 20 tonne dumper debuts Down Under
The body of the Morooka MST-4000VDR all-terrain tracked dumper can rotate, similarly to an excavator


Australian distributor Semco has taken delivery of the Morooka MST-4000VDR all-terrain tracked dumper, which it says is aimed at companies and contractors in the construction, mining and quarrying industries.

Able to carry a 20-tonne payload – five tonnes more than the MST-3000VDR – the vehicle’s rubber tracked crawlers are hydrostatically driven with a variable speed capability, eliminating the use of heavy and wear-prone clutches and gearboxes.

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This lets it carry out tasks that unarticulated dump trucks find difficult, Semco says, with its 310kW Caterpillar engine driving two hydraulic pumps that deliver flow to hydraulic motors mounted in each track driving assembly.

"The MST-4000VDR is capable of climbing steep grades while fully loaded, enabling engineers to design shorter length haul roads and access tracks, significantly reducing costs through lower load/unload cycle times and less fuel consumption," Semco says.

Its wide rubber tracks distribute ground contact weight evenly, reducing ground pressure by around 10 times, compared with a wheeled machine, and the vehicle is fitted with the latest ROPS and Level II FOPS.

Another important feature of the MST-4000VDR is that its entire body can rotate infinitely, in a similar manner to an excavator – including any ancillary equipment that may be mounted on the carrier.

Semco says this feature makes the dumper ideal for tunnelling earthworks – as a load can be discharged and the cabin rotated with the operator facing forward to drive out on the same route on which it entered.

On drilling and exploration rigs, the entire drilling works can be rotated to position a drill anywhere over the side. This enables the operator to drill in a pattern on both sides of the machine.

Another application is spray grass seeding where the operator can distribute grass seed spraying through 360 degrees with minimal movement of the vehicle. The benefit is, a single operator can quickly and efficiently perform a spray operation from the cabin, Semco says.

The machines are very easy to operate by a simple electric joystick lever. The addition of cruise control, auto deceleration mode and side and rear cameras provide the operator with a safe and comfortable work environment.

A smaller machine, the MST-700 VDR is being released at the same time and shares the technology of the larger machine, Semco says.

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