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Registration for NT commercial building contractors commences

Stage 1 of new regulation affecting commercial building contractors has begun in the Northern Territory

Mandatory registration for commercial building contractors comes into effect today in the Northern Territory.

The amendments to the Building Act 1993 that were passed earlier this year introduced registration for commercial building contractors as well as expanding powers to introduce a continuing professional development scheme to ensure building practitioners are up to date with the latest building rules, regulations and practices.

The legislation will be rolled out in two stages.

Stage 1 provides a 12-month transition for builders to obtain a commercial registration. During the transition period, a grandfathering initiative provides for current experienced NT builders to be registered without needing to meet qualification requirements.

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Stage 2 commences 12 months after Stage 1 when it becomes a legal requirement to have a registered commercial builder for new commercial building work.

This initiative will ensure builders have the appropriate qualifications and experience to build specific buildings, providing greater confidence and safety to the community and reinforcing trust in the local building industry, the state government says.

The Northern Territory government is partnering with Master Builders Northern Territory (MBNT) to deliver information sessions about the changes to industry with the following information sessions:

Katherine information session – Monday 22 April from 3.30pm at the Contour Hotel, Katherine

Darwin information session – Tuesday 23 April from 3.30pm at Master Builders NT

Alice Springs information session – Wednesday 1 May from 3.30pm at The Gap View Hotel

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