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Video: Remote controlled JCB hybrid excavator

A UK demolition company’s need for a lightweight excavator that can punch above its weight in terms of power and be remote controlled in hazardous situations led JCB to develop the unique machine you can see in this video.

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The digger built for Birmingham-based Coleman & Company for the redevelopment of Birmingham New Street Train Station combines a JCB JS190 upper structure with a JS220LC undercarriage and rubber track pads.

The result is a 21-tonne excavator powerful enough to deploy a 4-tonne multi processor attachment.

“We got this excavator designed especially for this job for a couple of reasons,” Coleman & Company project manager Peter Ettrick says.

“One, we needed an excavator big enough — man enough — to do the job but light enough to be able to operate on very low-loading slabs” and able to handle a very heavy attachment.

“For health and safety reasons we also wanted to have it remote controlled for when we do the demolition of the lower retail slabs, where the excavator will be demolishing below its tracks,” Ettrick says.

“We also wanted it dual-function so the operator can still jump in the cab.”

The way the machine and attachment are set up, he adds, delivers the power you’d normally get from a 50 to 60-tonne excavator in a 20-tonne machine. 


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