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Whether you’re using it for work or for play, a UTV is a serious bit of kit. From four-seater big-tray workhorses to single seat off-road racers, the UTV market is absolutely booming at the moment. We’ve pulled together five of the best UTVs available in Australia today.


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The modern UTV has really taken the place of the quad bike, with all the same off-road capabilities (and then some) but without the constant threat of being crushed in a rollover.

Apart from being enormous fun to drive, UTVs serve a practical need on big construction sites, mines and farms. Here are our picks for the five ultimate UTVs.

5 ultimate UTVs

Polaris General EPS Deluxe UTV

Polaris General Review

A high-end model with a price tag to match, the Polaris General Deluxe MLP UTV comes with a roof, winch and tow hitch as standard.

"This is the all-you-can-eat UTV. Everything you see comes as standard equipment – the roof, a stereo with eight speakers, the flash paint job, the power-steering, the winch, all of it. And it’s a professional people mover, not a load carrier."


Can-Am Maverick Trail 1000 UTV

Can Am Maverick Review

The Can-Am Maverick Trail 1000 UTV has been specifically designed to meet the United States’ ’50-inch rule’, where off-road vehicles over 50 inches (approx. 127cm) are prohibited on certain tracks. Australia has no such rule, but we can still appreciate the Maverick’s compact form and the 1000cc engive turns the Can-Am into a mini rally car.

"The Trail is a recreational people mover. It has a tiny cargo box at the back, with a load capacity of 136kg, but limited use as a storage space for tools, dogs, or to be honest, anything larger than lunch. But that’s neither a criticism nor a problem. You don’t buy a Maverick Trail for carrying anything but yourself and anyone game enough to get in there with you."


Kubota X1140 UTV

Kubota UTV Review

The Kubota X1140 UTV is a true working machine and is probably the most durable UTV on this list. There are no plastic components as is usually seen on most UTVs today and the machine is built primarily for site-work rather than off-road adventure.

"The ride is excellent, but this is not a serious cross-country vehicle."

"It’s a serious site vehicle that can handle a bit of off-road stuff. Maybe that’s why the brochure depicts the X1140 operating on perfectly flat ground, and why the standard spec has no front or rear CV guards."


Yamaha Wolverine X4 UTV

Yamaha Wolverine UTV Review

The Yamaha Wolverine X4 is a four-seater version of Yamaha’s popular two-seater Wolverine. Equipped with an 847cc engine, the Wolverine X4 is a true powerful off-road adventurer.

"The Wolverine is fun, functional and ready to go anywhere. There is a massive range of Yamaha accessories available for it, with everything from towing kits and stereo systems to a fully enclosed cabin with doors and a windshield, so you can customise it to suit your needs whatever they may be."


Mahindra 750 MPact Flexhauler XTV

Mahindra UTV Review

Mahindra has been making moves into the Australian market in recent years, first with its tractors, then 4x4 utes and now pushing into the UTV space with the 750m mPact Flexhauler.

The Flexhauler is a working machine and comes with a heavy-duty tray with drop-sides.

"Fourteen-inch alloy wheels are home to 27-inch rough-terrain rubber that worked well on our test course. Ground clearance is said to be 12 inches. We didn’t measure it, but since 10 inches is the norm, Mahindra is saying that this machine has more clearance than any other UTV."

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