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Robin allows 3D mapping via walking, driving or flying

British 3D technology specialist 3D Laser Mapping has launched its new multi-platform mapping system Robin at the GeoBusiness 2016 trade show in London.

Robin is being billed as a ‘three-in-one’ mobile mapping system which gives users the ability to map an area in 3D via walking, driving or flying.

3D mapping technologies are used across a wide range of industries such as construction, urban planning, mining, farming and land resource management and have seen a marked increase in use in recent years.

The Robin system combines a 12-megapixel camera (for drive) and 18-megapixel (for walk and fly), a high-accuracy laser scanner, two GNSS antennas, GIS grade IMU navigation system, touchscreen control unit, three mounting systems, capture software and a post-processing software package.

It has a field of view of 330 degrees and comes in standard, long-range and precision versions. 

“Robin is an extremely exciting product for the industry and is the first on the market to offer a three-in-one system,” 3D Laser Mapping executive chairman Graham Hunter says.

“Covering a wide range of terrain, Robin allows high quality data capture from areas such as footpaths, forests and coastlines that are only accessible by foot.”

The ‘Walk’ set-up weighs-in at just under 9kg and uses a backpack mount with two antennas. The ‘Drive’ set-up also uses two antennas but is fitted within a special vehicle mount.

The ‘Fly’ option uses just a single antenna mounted to a lightweight mount for a UAV or drone. An additional ‘Heliopod’ mount is also available for those wishing to mount the system to a helicopter.

3D Laser Mapping has advised us that the Robin will be available in Australia, but we have no details on the release date as yet.


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