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Robot recruit surveyor joins Sunbury Road upgrade

Major Road Projects Victoria’s surveying technology continues to develop with another new robot joining the front line.

The Sunbury Road upgrade this month unveiled ‘Lionel’, the new robot that is assisting surveyors with line-marking.

The Tyker robot is a small robotic plotter that is designed to assist surveyors to complete work more safely without the strain of bending over to mark points and lines on the road next to live traffic.

Autonomous and able to be operated by a total station, Lionel uses RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) positioning to deliver measurements faster than traditional methods. It also means surveyors can manoeuvre Lionel from a location to location.

The new robot recruit was used over winter when it painted lines on Sunbury Road near the Bulla-Diggers Rest/Loemans Road roundabout.

Previously this was done by hand and took up to 2 hours to complete 1km of line marking. Lionel can complete 1km in 15 minutes, reducing the amount of time that a surveyor spends on the road sometimes next to live traffic.

Lionel joins the Sunbury Road upgrade

This also reduces the amount of time a road needs to be closed for line-marking.

On the Sunbury Road upgrade, the robot has been completing surveying activities in around an eighth of the time that it would normally take to do the job on foot.

Lionel is not the only robot to come online for MRPV this year, with the nearby Craigieburn Road Upgrade welcoming TinySurveyor Terra in July.

This latest robot has been made possible as part of MRPV and construction partner Winslow’s investment in the surveying technology, which saves surveyors hours of manual work and minimises risks to safety on site.

The Sunbury Road Upgrade is due for completion by 2025.

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