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Rockla Rockwheel touted as urban alternative

Using traditional rock-breaking equipment on urban construction sites is becoming increasingly difficult due to strict noise limit regulations and work safety requirements, so German rock-cutter manufacturer Rokla is putting forward its Rockwheel twin header attachments as the quieter, safer alternative.

Twin headers can be attached to a variety of excavation equipment depending on the task required. They typically produce a more accurate trench or face profile than traditional rockbreakers.

Rokla Rockwheel twin headers, which are available through Semco, can work through tough material such as reinforced concrete with a compressive strength of up to 110 MPa.

Operators have reported that, when using a Rockwheel, machine vibration is substantially reduced and impact noise transmitted through the ground is much lower than when using a traditional rockbreaker. This helps construction companies adhere to local noise restrictions and protect the hearing of their workers.

Rockwheel twin headers come in a variety of widths and power levels to suit different jobs. An adapter attached to the machine makes switching between the different sizes easy.

The cutters range from the compact C2 model, which Rokla claims is the world’s smallest twin header, to larger models like the G45 that contain their own gearboxes and motors for heavy-duty jobs.

Rokla Rockwheels are able to work underwater and require no case drain line. They can also operate effectively in elevated positions, another advantage the twin header has over traditional rockbreakers.

An optional 360-degree rotating head is also available allowing for very detailed excavations at virtually any angle.

Rokla says the Rockwheel even improves the backfilling process as the teeth of the cutters are evenly distributed to ensure the spoil material produced is a consistent size, allowing for higher-density filling. The even distribution of teeth also helps extend the life of the Rockwheel as the impact force is spread across the machine.

A Rokla Rockwheel D10 twin header will be on display on a Takeuchi TB 280FR 9-tonne excavator at the ACE EXPO to be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds from 12-14 November 2015, so make sure you take a look.Click here for more information.


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