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Roev calls time on electric HiLux

Roev will turn from vehicle manufacturing to EV transition software

Australian electric conversion company Roev has announced that its development of an electric version of the Toyota HiLux has come to an end after it was unable to secure the funding for its conversion program.

The Brisbane-based startup had originally planned on creating electric versions of the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger for the Australian market by developing an electric ute conversion kit.

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Despite EV/hybrid leasing and rental business CarBon announcing in July 2023 that the first electric HiLux utes would be made available in February 2024 for commercial fleets, Roev’s founders say that they were not able to continue the program at the level of “safety, reliability and scale” required.

Instead, Roev will discontinue its vehicle manufacturing and instead focus solely on EV transition software, which it describes as being an AI-powered tool designed to help businesses reduce transport emissions by identifying opportunities for CO2 reduction and electrification in fleets.

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