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Rokbak aftermarket support receiving positive feedback

Volvo Group member Rokbak is receiving positive feedback from Australian customers due to its dedicated sales team and aftermarket support

Since rebranding from Terex Trucks to Rokbak in 2021, the company has seen Australia become a key market for articulated haulers.

Based in Motherwell, Scotland, the manufacturer says Australia is firmly placed in the top 10 for its articulated dump truck (ADT) global market sales.

In 2023, Rokbak built relationships with new and existing customers, including delivering 22 trucks to an Australian infrastructure project.

Rokbak says customers and operators praised the trucks’ performance, comfort and low fuel consumption.

Australian support

The size of Australia often means Rokbak trucks are working in remote locations, enduring long hours and tackling challenging terrain.

Due to these conditions, high performance and reliability are non-negotiable and the trucks need to be operated correctly, as well as serviced, maintained and supported, Rokbak says.

Having a strong dealer partner in Porter Equipment, which holds healthy spare parts stock in-country, helps ease any spare parts concerns customers may have.

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Dealer partners know they also have a Rokbak customer support manager on hand for any technical support and training, the manufacturer says.

“The fact that Rokbak has dedicated sales and aftermarket support based in Australia is critical and very much appreciated by our customers and dealer partners,” Rokbak regional business manager Lee Irving says.

“It’s not only about assisting new sales and new fleets of trucks, we have many older machines working in the region that we also support.

“Customers are dependent on these trucks, and we’re adaptable and ready to support them and our dealers whenever they need us.”

Since the 2021 rebrand, Irving says the company has generated heavy interest and been positively received across the Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions.

Rokbak currently offers two ADT models, the RA30 and RA40.

An RA40 fleet undergoing daily checks on a site in Indonesia. Image: Rokbak

“Customers like the fact that both trucks are durable, powerful, easy to operate, comfortable and reliable,” Irving says.

Both truck models are made for tough jobs and worksites – from mines to quarries, infrastructure developments and commercial construction projects.

The RA30 features a 370 horsepower (276kW) engine and has a 28-tonne maximum payload and a 17.5 cubic metre heaped capacity, while the RA40 boasts a 444hp (331kW) engine, a 38-tonne maximum payload, and a 23 cubic metre heaped capacity.

Uptime Down Under

Originally from England, Irving currently resides in Perth, WA, which he sees as great location to best serve Rokbak dealer partners and customers.

The Rokbak regional business manager often travels long hours across Australia or overseas due to the diversity of locations where the RA30 and RA40 articulated haulers are now operating.

“Those are the joys of job – we can be in a major city on one visit and then the next we can be on a remote job site that takes a full day to get to,” he says.

This process is exciting for Irving and he sees job site visits as equally important to initial sales, and he is willing to go wherever Rokbak dealer partners and customers require support.

“We’ll gather operator and job site manager feedback, offer on-the-spot recommendations and get to see first-hand the dealer and customer appreciation for original equipment manufacturer support,” he says.

Irving supports dealer partners and customers across a vast part of the world, allowing him to see the performance of Rokbak ADTs in a wide variety of terrains and climates.

“You can find yourself on a call and the next thing you know you’re on the plane to Jakarta, Kalgoorlie or Kalimantan [Indonesia],” he says.

“Customers want to be reassured that they have both the local dealer and Rokbak support behind them, and that you’re dependable. That is what we do and that is what Rokbak offers.”

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