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Rokbak brings services to Nevada

Rokbak has been making a name for itself in the United States since rebranding in 2021

American company RTC (Reno-Tahoe Construction) has added Rokbak to its fleet of machinery for a huge excavation project.

Now, in Nevada, the Rokbak RA40 articulated hauler has been proving vital in the excavation and haul of millions of cubic yards of fill material at the world’s biggest industrial park.

The RA40 has been busy helping with the creation of individual building pads within the large commercial complex.

Required to transport a mix of dirt and rocks – including shot rock, the hauler has a maximum payload of 38 tonnes and has been customised with a tailgate to maximise payloads and load retention.

“I’ve been driving the RA40 since delivery and have seen first-hand the first-class performance and the hauler’s ability to navigate all site conditions effortlessly,” RTC operator Renee Maas-Thoyre says.

“It provides excellent visibility and it’s easy to see around you while backing up – thanks to the combination of the large mirrors, rear-view camera and monitor.”

The RA40 cab has pressurised capabilities and a HVAC and air flow system, offering more control and comfort for operators.

RTC driver Renee Maas-Thoyre alongside Shafer Equipment Company Sales Representative Jim Crouse.

Other key performance features of the RA40 include great traction and an effective power-to-weight ratio, which ensures material is moved as quickly as possible in all conditions.

With this functionality, users can achieve maximum productivity while reducing operational costs even further, as well as enhancing safety, are the force-cooled multi-disc brakes.

Supported by an electronically activated exhaust brake and a six-stage modulating transmission retarder, the RA40 benefits from longer brake component lifecycles.

The company has provided RTC with heavy construction equipment for over a decade, via direct sales, rental purchase options and leasing solutions, and the RA40 works alongside eight Shafer Equipment Company-supplied Gen10 Terex Trucks TA400 haulers, plus a TA300 being deployed as a 23,000-litre water tanker.

“We love working with RTC,” Shafer Equipment Company Sales Representative Jim Crouse says.

“Every time they approach us, they obviously expect the best and most suitable equipment for each project and I’m happy to say we haven’t let them down – and the RA40 is continuing this success story.”

Less than two years after rebranding, Rokbak articulated haulers can now be found across the United States, from East Coast to West.

Approximately 60% of the machines that leave the Motherwell factory currently head across the Atlantic, with Rokbak having approximately 35 dealers in North America, encompassing around 90 different locations.

“It’s great to see that our hauler is having a positive impact on such a large-scale project with RTC in Nevada,” Rokbak Regional Sales Manager Greg Gerbus says.

“Rokbak haulers are robust and reliable and this is exactly the kind of project that the RA40 was designed for.”

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