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Rokbak builds them tough with Australian hauler range

Rokbak has established itself as a trusted industry name across Australia with backup from Volvo and Porter Group

What makes a good truck? Strength? Longevity? The answer: time – and Rokbak has spent it perfecting a tried and tested method for mechanical success.

Many would know of the hauler manufacturer from its earlier incarnation as Terex Trucks, which was bought by Volvo Group in 2014, heralding a new era for the brand.

This proved to be a mutually beneficial choice for both Volvo Group and Terex Trucks – Volvo expanded its market and Terex Trucks gained access to a higher level of support, finance and parts to assist its customer base.

To further boost support for Australian customers, Volvo Group established a distribution agreement with Porter Group in 2017, ahead of the rebrand to Rokbak a few years later in 2021. Now, Porter Group supplies Rokbak RA30 and RA40 articulated haulers across Australia.

Building the brand

Rokbak continues to manufacture its haulers in the Scottish town of Motherwell, having designed and produced its first articulated truck at this facility back in 1982, distributing them globally for use in the mining and earthmoving industries.

“Years ago, we became a member of the Volvo Group, which allowed us to make major improvements in every part of our business,” Rokbak managing director Paul Douglas says.

“Millions of pounds have been invested in improving our products, modernising our facilities, expanding our network and developing our people – it has been a process of continual evolution.”

Rokbak’s Perth-based Australian regional business manager Lee Irving’s enthusiasm for the company is palpable as he speaks with Earthmovers & Excavators about Rokbak’s evolution.

“Still to this day, our articulated truck is known as strong, hard-working, easy to operate and easy to maintain – that has been the reputation for many years,” Irving says.

With the RA30 and RA40 haulers having debuted to the Australian market in 2021, Irving proudly says that the two machines have adapted well to industry demands over the past two years.

“The good thing about the trucks is we have a lot of them working in a wide variety of climates – like the muggy heat in Australia and Indonesia and freezing mountains of Canada – so these machines are tested in all types of extreme, rugged landscapes,” Irving says.

Smaller in stature and primarily used in quarries, but also including infrastructure developments to commercial construction projects, the RA30 has a maximum payload of 28 tonnes, a heaped capacity of 17.5 cubic metres and 370 horsepower (276kW) from a Scania DC9 engine.

The RA40 has a gross power of 444hp (331kW) from its Scania DC13 engine, a maximum payload of 38 tonnes and a heaped capacity of 23 cubic metres.

Rokbak offers the Tier 2 engine for Australian customers or, if preferred, the Stage V option is also available, with both engine types HVO approved.

“Fuel burn is a very good selling point for us,” Irving says.

“With the cost of fuel these days, fuel burn can cost upwards of 60 per cent of most operational costs, so fuel efficiency is very important for us and for our customers.

“These trucks are well-built and designed to withstand just about anything.”

Customer focus

With all this talk of power and efficiency, another aspect that most industry professionals look for in a good truck is operator comfort. Irving says that having great air con and a low-noise and  low-vibration environment is key to productivity and Rokbak often takes on market feedback..

“With the investment received from Volvo Group, the trucks today are based on surveys we’ve done to improve the product. We speak to dealers, customers and the operators to understand what they like and what they don’t like.”

Another addition to improve the total cost of ownership is Rokbak’s own telematics system, the AEMP compatible Haul Track. Haul Track allows users to monitor operating costs by transmitting real-time machine data to fleet supervisors and owners.

The telematics system offers information that “allows the site supervisor to analyse data and make it easier,” Irving says.

Haul Track offers information on machine hours worked, engine speed and idle time, monitoring of machine systems, temperatures and pressures, fuel consumption, system fault code alerts, machine location and productivity.

“You can also use Haul Track for safety,” Irving adds.

“You can see the speeds that the operators are using the machines at, you can also see where the truck is going on the job site, or even if it’s been taken off-site. It also lets you know when servicing is required on the vehicles.

“It really gives peace of mind and all the information you’ll need on the trucks.”

Australia-based support

As the Australian distributor of Rokbak vehicles and products, Porter Group has the expertise to support customers and their Rokbak vehicles.

By working locally in tandem with Australian-based Rokbak sales and product support, Porter Group provides service training and familiarisation courses for customers.

“We understand how important it is to have spare parts close to the job site,” Irving says.

“Technical support and people around these machines need to know how to diagnose trouble and make sure operators know how to operate equipment safely and effectively.

“We are very active in Australia. It’s a great partnership between Rokbak and Porter Group.” 

For more information on the RA40 and RA30, visit or Australia and NZ dealer Porter Group at

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