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Rokbak telematics improving customers’ efficiency

US Rokbak dealer GT Mid Atlantic has found Rokbak’s telematics system to be a huge success with customers – increasing productivity and customer uptime

Rokbak dealer and US construction equipment supplier GT Mid Atlantic (GTMA) uses Rokbak’s ‘Haul Track’ telematics equipment to keep track of its 74 articulated haulers.

With data from Rokbak’s Haul Track telematics system, GTMA can detail the precise location of each truck within a specific fleet, see where each unit has been working, track loads, calculate the hours worked as well as monitor speed, fuel consumption and idle time.

This is all done at GTMA’s New Jersey branch in a technical control area, dubbed the ‘War Room’, which is devoted to telematics monitoring.

“There are times when we’re aware a machine has a problem before the customer knows,” GTMA vice president and general manager – Maryland & Deleware Eric Marburger says.

“When we go out to the site, we know exactly where the fault is. For example, it may be low fuel pressure, which means we’ll bring fuel filters with us, so we’ve got the parts we need to fix the issue.

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“Fundamentally telematics enables increased uptime and productivity for the customer and reduced travel time and mileage for us.”

Inside the ‘War Room’, a full-time telematics manager monitors multiple screens, tracking machines anywhere that receives a satellite signal.

When there is an issue, a red marker comes up on the screen with the location of the machine – allowing GTMA to tell a customer about an issue before it gets worse.

The Rokbak telematics system has helped customers work in the most efficient way, Marburger says.

“It is about catching things before they’re a problem and acquiring information to make the machines better performers,” he says.

“It’s a hard, demanding industry, so we need to keep machines running as much as possible. If they do ever go down, telematics helps get them back up and running in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.”

Haul Track hardware is fitted as standard on all Rokbak Tier 4 Final and Stage V articulated dump trucks.

For more information on the Haul Track telematics system, visit:

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