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Equipment focus: Rokla D 10 Rockwheel

When Lovett’s Cessnock Earthmoving was faced with a rock obstruction while digging a trench for water pipes in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley, it turned to a Rokla D 10 Rockwheel to mitigate concerns about the noise and vibration of hydraulic hammers.

While residents of the heritage listed neighbourhood were worried about the noise, the local council client was concerned that the vibration from rock hammers could affect the ageing and sensitive foundations of historically listed structures in close proximity to the works.

“We do a lot of work for the local council and for other earthworks associated with commercial development,” Phil Lovett says.

“When we suggested to council that the Rockwheel may overcome resident’s objections and the potential environmental problems, they first appeared sceptical,” he adds. “However, when they saw the speed and quality with which the work was completed, they agreed it was a perfect solution.

“The work we carry out throughout the local area means we have to maintain an inventory of the most appropriate equipment and attachments to tackle just about any site preparation task. The addition of the Rockwheel to our earthworks tools means we have the capability to carry out similar work efficiently and in the shortest time.”

Graham Murphy of Rockwheel supplier Semco says the range “provides efficient rock removal and profiling solutions that include the world’s smallest twin header rock grinder that can run on a 1.5-tonne hydraulic excavator through to the powerful G125 model (for 120-tonne-class excavators) with a maximum output of 440kW”.

He says the German-made twin-headers are light, powerful and versatile, and can work underwater unmodified and with no Casedrain system required.

“Rockwheel cutting units are equipped with high-torque hydraulic engines and are designed so that the picks, which are mounted on the drums at an optimal angle, can penetrate the material with maximum power,” Murphy says.

“The design and power components of the low-vibration Rockwheel cutting units are perfectly adjusted, ensuring that the tungsten-carbide-tipped picks create rock chips rapidly and with reduced bounce,” he says, adding: “The cutting heads rotate at a low speed yet with massive torque that can handle up to 110 mpa compressive strength materials and ensures a clean profile.”

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