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Case Study: Rokla Rockwheel making trenching easier

A G5 Rokla Rockwheel attachment has helped a landscaping business on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula save precious time and resources by streamlining trenching work and eliminating double-handling.

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Grant Nykiel is the operator of Port Vincent Landscapes, an earthmoving and excavation business that specialises in providing septic, electrical and water services to rural properties.

“The terrain in which we operate consists of limestone rock which presents challenges when digging 400mm trenches.” Nykiel says.

“We had been using a rock hammer attached to our five tonne excavator, however the time needed to remove broken rock from the trenches and relocate off-site was costing us valuable time and resources.”

Extensive research was conducted with the help of Semco Equipment Sales, and the decision was made to purchase a G5 Rokla Rockwheel attachment.

“We found an excellent solution in the form of a G5 Rokla Rockwheel which has enabled us to undertake trenching tasks far more efficiently, with the G5 delivering around 22kW of power when attached to our excavator,” Nykiel says.

“As well as significantly reducing vibration, we can now quickly grind through the limestone and in the process, create the correct grade of aggregate needed for backfill. The limestone spoil aggregate is ideal and can be compacted easily and safely for installation of plastic pipes.”

The Rockwheel is suitable for excavators ranging from three to eight tonnes and is equipped with 32 tungsten carbide-tipped picks that rapidly create rock chips in various grades depending on what is needed. The cutting heads rotate at low speed yet produce torque of over 3,700Nm at 320bar, enough to cut through materials of up to 110mpa.

“We did a lot of research to ensure the G5 would do the job and I’m extremely happy with the outcome,” Nykiel says.

“The guys from Semco gave me the information I needed so that when the G5 arrived I was able to quickly and easily attach it to the excavator and get straight to work.”

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