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Rossi Earthmoving Parts enters market

A new player has entered the earthmoving equipment spare parts market in the form of Rossi Earthmoving Parts, a Trackspares Australia business based in Toowoomba, Queensland.

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Rossi Earthmoving Parts general manager Glen Blakely is confident the time is right to launch a new spare parts business into the market.

“Now, more than ever, customers are looking for ways to cut costs, save time and get the most value out of every dollar they spend in their business,” he says

“We want to be the fresh face in the game, with some different ideas and ways of doing things that, so far, our customers have responded well to.

“One thing that is obvious from our discussions with many customers is that many are looking for a consistently high quality, reliable product at a fair and reasonable price.”

With 20 years’ industry experience, Blakely has seen the industry at its peak during the boom, but also understands that the needs of businesses have changed under the current economic climate.

With well-established track and undercarriage business Trackspares Australia looking at ways to diversify its services, managing director Brad Oats also feels the time is right to launch Rossi Earthmoving Parts – with the full support of its parent company in Singapore.

“We wanted to devote more time and attention to a range of repair and maintenance spare parts, not just undercarriage,” he says.

“We feel that the strong relationships we are building right now with our customers will hold us in good stead into what many are saying is an uncertain future.”

Trackspares has intended to broaden its parts offering for a long time now, and the organisation feels setting up another company with a les specialised name is the right move.

“With a name like ‘Trackspares’, we have tended to be pigeonholed as an undercarriage supplier, and with the undercarriage business continuing to grow at a steady rate in its own right year-on-year, we haven’t had the time or the man power to turn that perception around and apply more focus to spare parts until now,”  Oats explains.

“When Glen became available, and knowing his considerable capabilities in this area, we thought we had to take advantage of this opportunity to get someone of that calibre on board.”


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