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Roy Hill paints its trucks pink for breast cancer awareness

The Roy Hill mining project has launched the first three of its ‘Pink Trucks for Breast Cancer Awareness’ at its mine site in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, to focus attention on breast cancer and to promote opportunities for women in mining.

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The launch was presided over by Roy Hill executive chairman Gina Rinehart, who has a long history of supporting cancer research and support initiatives.

“I have been a long standing supporter of cancer research and support initiatives, dating back to the early 90s when I initiated the then first Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia, the Hancock Family Breast Cancer Foundation Inc, which I also chaired,” Rinehart said.

The first three pink trucks have been named Hope, Ginny and Rachel and have delivered their first loads of iron ore to Roy Hill’s crushing plant. Over time, as the remaining 34 trucks in Roy Hill’s fleet require maintenance they will also be painted pink.

Roy Hill hopes to raise awareness and support for breast cancer treatment initiatives and research.

“The more we can do to raise support for helping fight this very, very serious and frightening battle, the closer we are to finding ways to improve treatment options and cures for one of the biggest killers of women in Australia,” Rinehart said.

The event was also an opportunity to showcase Roy Hill’s standing as one of the highest percentage employers of women in the WA mining sector, with Rinehart adding that there are far more women involved in the mining sector as a whole today.

“Whenever I visit here at the mine, or at the port or ROC in Perth and speak to our female staff, I’m told, and love to hear, that they find their time working at Roy Hill very interesting and rewarding, and that they enjoy being a part of Roy Hill’s milestones, such as today,” Rinehart said.


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