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Safety push by Australian constructors body

Two major reports intended to change the way the industry, its clients and stakeholders collectively think about and address safety issues have been issued by some of Australia’s leading construction businesses, through the Australian Constructors Association (ACA).

The Health & Safety Report August 2014 and Safety in Design August 2014 publications are part of a suite of safety proposals that the ACA will progressively release over coming months and are accessible on the ACA’s website

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) prepared the reports for the ACA Safety Committee, chaired by Lend Lease Managing Director, Building, Australia, Murray Coleman.

“We will be suggesting to all of the industry’s stakeholders that they give serious consideration to implementing the concepts and proposals contained in the reports and the additional guidance material that will be released over coming months,” Coleman says.

“The Safety in Design report is intended to generate greater interaction between clients, designers and constructors at the time of scoping a project so that construction risks are able to be identified and avoided,” he says. “This will also lead to more efficient buildings and more sustainable projects.

“The Safety Culture report is intended to assist all industry participants to evaluate the culture existing in their organisations and to implement systems and processes to ensure that safety is at the forefront of the minds of all persons who attend workplaces.

Safety is an issue that transcends all else at a workplace and we want all people who attend workplaces to embrace the fact that they have an individual and collective responsibility for others who may be affected by their actions,” Coleman adds.


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